I have opened

The  eyes because i have felt your sweet embrace surrounding my belly, and i tightened your arms more to me. 

You was whispering my name, and it has been the most sweet wakening. 
I have threw away all the air from the lungs, when i saw your eyes pointed on me, and that sweet kiss on my neck i feel it yet.
And now your embrace is tightening me from behind: you are reading what i’m writing, and whispering every phrase you are seeing. 
A shiver crossing along my back. 

You are tightening me stronger to you. I close the eyes. I have to take to breathe again.
Your hands are caressing my hips, and your fingers are lifting up the shirt have on. 
“I want to feel your delicate skin”, you whisper me.

Slowly you turn me and our gazes meet. I remain breathless. I’m dived in your eyes, and you are shyly smile. I’m start to shake, while i place my hands on your chest troughth that shirt half unfastened, and we for a while, we remain like this, without say nothing. 
I starting to feel you are shaking too. 
Our glances doesn’t want take off one from another.

We take a deep breathe, and we shyly smiling at each other 
Hagalaz is in front of of me, and our wakening is already in act. 
In these days i see only runes that are saying me just good things, and i don’t want think about it that are only coincidences.

Our Parallel World is made even of these small spells, and each day we are realizing of this, and little by little we are approaching always more.

We have to close the eyes and throw away the air we have in body, and to think that everything is accomplishing really slow, while we are dancing our slow dance, while sweet electric shocks crossing our minds.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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