“The old skinny” ◘1◘

Woman who have you moved away, seemed be the only to speak a comprehensible language, and she started to tell you an incredible story you didn’t wanted believe it. 
Above all, when you asked her in which period you were. Your head was turning.
You had a percepetion of everything, but now that you was listening to it from the voice of that woman, seemed you was lose the ground under your feet.

For an instant you was enstranged yourself from everything, and slowly you sat on the floor. 
In that hut, the only refer point was me laid on the bed that little by little, was get wet form the rain that was falling from the little slots on the roof.
Me who was fighting against a likely death, if those three women didn’t have cured me,

For a bit you had lost the cognition, and you was looking at that woman who was speaking to you, but it seemed that she only was moving her lips, and from her mouth didn’t came out any sounds, but it was only your mind that didn’t wanted to get further informations: you was undershock, and the woman had perceived it. 

She wasn’t explaining you what you had asked her, but simply, she was calling your name, and really slow that whistle in your ears was vanishing, and you was emerging again from that semi unconsciousness, and getting up once again on your feet, you came to me, and took once again my hand, you have found something where you could sat, and looking at my face illuminated only by a candle, you have formulated again that question to the skinny woman, while the other two were looking at you without say nothing, then when the old woman has started to speak, their glances, has moved toward her. 

“We are prisoned in a village of ghosts from long time, and from time we are trying to set free the few others in the village. Some were able to escape thank some our enchants, but then from outside they weren’t able to make the same enchant. This is the only hut a bit outside of the village, and you fortunately came from the opposite side of the village. If  you pay attention, there is no any noises outside, just spectral noises, and ocassionally some ghost screams.” 
You was hearing everything with attention, and when she has made you listen to outside, you have opened wide eyes, and that continuos sound was entering inside you. 

Then you have thrown a glance toward me. You wanted understand all my matter: why i was entered in that dimension before than you.
“We been us to make her enter” she explained looking at me, that i was lamenting me for the pain, calling you, and sweetly you have took my hand.
“We have seen you through the black hole, and  with an escamoutage, we have opened another lane, and we have made her enter from there. We knew she was powerful, but we have protected her with that magical pendant”, and once again she has indicated it you.
You have recognized that intertwining.  They were three proctetive runes.
And then you have looked that black knife on the ground. And with simple ease, she has explained you even that, and you was remained breathless. 
“You mean that you have did the same, when you have see that Daria wouldn’t have made it. How is it possible? I don’t remember nothing” you have stared those three women, and only after a couple of seconds, the woman who was drying me the forhead, has stared at you, and she talked: “You was so next to the exit of the black hole. In the proximity of the exit it’s hard to remember”. 

How many things they knew, while we came throw without know where we would be landed, but now it wasn’t time to think about it. 
Outside that hut was lifting up a freeze wind that was entering inside, and a blow of wind stronger, has turned off one f the two candles that were illimunating it. 

Soon after that strong wind stopped all of a sudden, and from far we have started to hear some inquentant screams, and i have opened the eyes widening them, and holding your hand, i looked at you, and in a sigh i said: “They are coming!”
You immediately, have took again the black knife, placing yourself to the doorway, spying outside trying to indentify those screaming creatures.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“All of sudden” – ◘Prologue◘

“Their screams” -◘2◘⇒


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