Since i woke

I felt your arms around my belly tightening me strong against your chest.

My heart is beating strong and everything is become Our Parallel World.
I’m shaking calling your name, and i feel you are perceive it. 

Our soft punch in the stomach is present and everythng is transforming in the most beautiful thing  that the world can imagine.

We throw away all the air we have in the body.
In front of me Perth: our destiny is accomplishing: without realizing, our souls are approaching one to another always more. 

Our throat is closing and the diffiiculty to swallow is the umptheenth proof that everything is something real, and our connection is about to explode around us.
Small soft and delicate electric shocks are crossing our minds, and everything is vanishing. 

We are thinking each other strong, and everything is going to our rhythm.
Everything is expanding, while you are tightening me strong: our fingers are crossing delicately one with another.

You whisper my name, and everything starting to be so light. 
I can perceive your perfume. 
I hold back the breath, while i slid my hand inside your shirt, and you lift up my face. 
You delicately call my name, and approach your mouth to mine. 
Everything is explode in that kiss.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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