We are in a limbo

Of suspended sensations, but your embrace is something real that is making feel in safe, despite we are so far, and what i’m feel when i feel your closeness is something magical, and delicate.
Everything is taking  me to Our Parallel World, in our apartment in front of the big window, and everything is disappear. 
I looking at you and i staring your mole, and everything become so light.

I can feel your whispers and your hands are tightening me more toward to you. 
I can feel your hands are caressing my body till the hips, and there our hands crossing each other, while our lips are gently touch.

Our slow dance begin while we throw away all the air from the lungs, and sweetly we look at each other, and i caress your face reaching your mole, and our soft punch in the stomach is wrapping our beings, and our heads are begin to explode at the same instants.

I feeling your closeness and everything is going me crazy.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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