“All of sudden” – ◘Prologue◘

We were sucked inside a vortex that little by little has became faster, and our heads has started to turn so fast that we could feel our guts in the throat, and at end i fainted among your arms, and you have started to reanimate me, but all your efforts were been useless, but at least you knew i was only fainted: you could feel my slow breath throught your skin, but you wanted feel me in safe repeating my name, but even hear my name come out from your mouth, it was, even for you a small thing that made you feel safe.

When all of sudden, everything has started going so faster, and even for you has been hard to don’t lose your senses. Everything was going  really fast, that you had thought to go crazy. 
You seemed to be fallen in a funnel, and it seemed the last part of that incredible black hole in which we were fallen from that red book in that library.

During that quick fallen, a sound that was enter in your body, it was like your inner soul was opening still more to a bigger vision to the dimension in which we were entering, and with me between your arms, you have thrown a glance to a small white dot that little by little, got bigger and bigger, and from there you could hear some feminine voices that seemed getting cure of someone, and that language seemed came from a far period. 

For a short time, our run stopped, for then push us inside in that small hole, and from behind something has pushed you ahead to enter inside a rural hut, while outside was unleashing a rainstorm, and when you realized who they get curing, you have looked at your arms: they were empty, you was holding only and idea of my little body.

I was laid on that bed made of  mud and staw, covered by a dirty white piece of cloth, and the only real thing you was hold was a knife, and you was looking at me worry, while who were got curing me, were busy to prepared some medicaments to put on my big wound that was strong bleeding on my right leg.

You have looked at once again that knife in your hand, and immediately you have left it fall on the ground, as if only one question was hammering in your head, but right after one of the three old women who was curing me, has said something that could sound like: “It wasn’t your guilt, you have brought her to us. You have tempted to defend her, but when you arrived she was already bleeding!”
Immediately after you have understood why i fainted: my mind and really slowly even my body was already there, in that new dimension fighting against something or someone.

Tranquilized by those strange words, you have asked them if i would be recover myself soon, and one the other women who was bend over me, lifted her face and only beckoned made you see the pendant i had on the neck, but when you was about to see it better, my feeble voice has called you and a sparkle has turned on your glance, and you bended yourself over me, and i called you once again for have the certainty was really you, and you have caressed my face, and in a sigh, you said: “That’s me, that’s me, you been wounded… i’m here i don’t move… these women are getting cure you. Soon you will get better.” I wanted to hold your hand, as the only real thing in all madness, but soon after i closed the eyes, and i fallen asleep.

Always holding my hand in your, and looking at me, you have asked to the old women what was happening there.
Just one of them, looked at you, and she got up on her feet moving herself away from me, taking you from an arm, and she started to tell you everything.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


⇐“In the next” – *42 – epilogue*

“The old skinny” ◘1◘⇒

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