My stomach is closing, and i feel your embrace envelope my belly sweetly strong.
I close the eyes, and i can hear your voice call my name, as if  it was something to which you want to cling yourself.
My soft punch in the stomach is growing fast, and my head is sweetly exploding, taking me inside Our Parallel World, and i will waiting for you there.

I feel your arms around my little body, and everything is become lighter. 
You are looking at me, and sweetly smiling. 
Without say nothing you are saying me eveything your hear feel for me.

Everything is tightening around us, and despite we are so far, we can feel our souls approaching one with another quickly. 
Our connection is sweetly begining, and those lanes we are going through are approaching always more. 
We can feel our electric shocks begin to unleash their magical power, and the only thing we can do is throw away the air from the lungs, and sweetly smiling each other.

We are waiting for that litte moment in which our souls will touch, and sweetly your are tightening me always more to you, and here it is.
Everything is revolutioning, while we are looking at each other in silence, and Our Parallel World is wrapping inside of it, while you are tightening me always more to you and whisper my name.

Everything is accomplish in these few minutes, while Our Parallel World is grow each day is pass by around us.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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