“In the next” – *42 – epilogue*

Hours our sleeps, in someways wasn’t calm how we had wished. 
The words of the male creature had put us a bit of anxiety, even though we knew the whole process of our journeys from a dimension to another, and we knew that  was HIM to decide where we would have had landed.
But maybe, the more we were going on, the more the process would became more complicated.  For sure, this we didn’t know it, but we knew that we would be fallen in a sort of black hole, and our emotions would be upset, in someways, get prepared us to  the new dimension, in which HIM wanted and knew where send us.

We were sleeping, but in someways, our senses were always in warning, and the sounds of that solitary bolevard  were accompanied us toward the first hours of the morning.
In our common dream we had going througth each important steps we had done, and we have had some replies to some questions that we hadn’t ever made to the mains interested. 

Eventually, we have knew what was name of Sanchez sister: Rosita. And only in those moments we have could see her in her full beauty: she looked like Sanchez with her blackish and deep eyes, and we could see her, now dancing in a meadow full of colorful flower, while those her  imaginary chains set her free, and like the two portraits, we have could hear her sweetest voice that was thanking us. 
For a moment we have could even caress her little face while she dancing free. And slowly she became smaller and smaller she was vanish. 
We have moved us, when she thanked us once again, and in her glance we have could see even Sanchez, and it seemed that for a long instant they have met each other for the latest time.

We could haven’t know if it was real thing, but we have had wanted to think that it was, and for real Sanchez had met her sister, even for a short time. And it was, even the reason that the male creature of the portrait had said to remain in the house.
Some enchants had need to accomplished themselves, without our presence. 

During that strange night, we had know, also that Bruno and Jizzy, were preparing their own police station, and in the Pub, they had recluted new good creatures and they were following our advices.
While Jack  was chatting with his tall  grey transparent friend, and he was asking what he would do after all this. It seemed he didn’t know it, but instead, he had know it perfectly. He would left the street to moved himself in that house in that solitary boulevard, and there he would have deepen his study in magic.
And at end he looked at Jack and in a sigh he said: “Call me Gideon… that’s my name”. 

When we woke up, it was useless say us what had dream, and everything what we had to know, by now, we already knew it.
I was hold the flap of your white shirt, as if it was the only anchor to which i could cling me, and you didn’t nothing for avoid it. 
We knew what we had to do, but now going down to enter in that library, got scaring us a bit.

In our own way, we had saluted once again our friends, and now, we had to leave for real that dimension.
That time i have prefered to going down alone, just supporting myself on your hand. I have wanted to stopped me in front to those two portraits, and in someway, to give them a sweet caress and thanked again them for everything. 
That time they were remained in silence, and unconsciously we both, knew that it was their way to saluted us.
In the middle of that small hall we looked at each other with wide eyes open, and hand in hand we entered in that big library, while the creaks had started again to resound in the house.

You had decided to go to sit on that big brownish chair in front of the desk, where there were still the books and the several Grimoire that we had consulted, and you have beckoned me to sit on your knees, and without thinking much i came immediately. We knew how were those journeys, and as soon i placed myself on your knees, you have tightened my belly, and i have started to caress your arms tightening them stronger.
When a book have catched my attention, and i let you see it.
It was a book never seen before. By now, we had know all books on that desk, but that book it was the first time that we were see it.

I turned toward you, only with the glance i was asking you what to do. 
It was book that hadn’t any title on, but it was well perseved, but it could seee that it was an old book: it had a hardcover made of red cloth. I caressed it, and soon after it was open in half, and as in a fast vortex our beings were smaterialized inside of it, leaving behind a blow of wind that has closed it, making it fall on the ground. “




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