“You went through that” – *41*

Tree solitary boulevard slowest possible, with me between your arms, and  without say nothing we looking at each other.
But we knew that mentally we were taking again each steps that we had done till that moment. Even though, they were been hard days, we wanted remember them so.

And when we arrived in front of the creaking house, you have put me down, and we remained in front of the house for a long time. We wanted remember that house, like this, how we were looking at it.
That broken bush in front of the little stairs of the main entrance. 
And when arrived in front of the door, we looked at us around, and without realizing, we have closed the eyes at the same instants, and in that precise instants we had heard the barking of that dog, and the real calm that was surrounding that boulevard. Some cars from far, were crossing the street, and some little birds were singing among the branches of the trees that characterizing that silent boulevard.

I have felt your hand tightening mine delicately stronger, and i have opened the eyes, and you was stared at me, and then in a soft sigh, you said: “Let’s enter”. I was looking at your hand yet, but at end our glance met, and i have beckoned, throwing away the air from the lungs. 

The time was came to make those few step inside the creaking house. 
Even though, i was really tired, in those instants many emotions were crossing my mind, and looking at you, i knew you was feeling the same. 
Entering in that house, a shiver crossed our back. As soon closed the door behind, our glances were used to be thrown a glance toward those two portraits along that small stair. 
And we remained astonished for what we had saw: for the whole period that we had frequented that house, each one, in the portrait, were looking at toward different points, as if they were  painted in different time, but now those two creatures were looking at each other. 

Slowly we approached to the stair and we stared at them, and as if you wanted a confirmation of what we were looking at was real, you whispered: “We have defeat them”, and  we have waited for a bit in front, and really slow, those painted faces turned toward us, and from far we have could hear two distinct feeble voices.

That one feminine have sweetly thanked us, telling also that they were sent away, as soon his husband had found that fateful magical formula, and hearing that, our hearts have started to beat strong, and that circle it was about to end. I wanted tell her about his son, but i had  understand it was useless. They had lost him many time ago, but maybe know that he was in that magical bubble, it would have relieve her pain, but you have stopped me before i talked, and maybe she knew it already.  And when we have turned our glance toward the male, he simply said: “When you will be recovered all your energies, you had not to leave this house. You have to go in the library and wait for.”
We remained speechless: he knew how our travels worked among to a dimension another.
And remained  breathless when we were realizing that little by little, those portraits got back to stared each other. 
They had found again, their inner tranquillity, and one by one the house has started again to creak.

Only in those instants we had understood that those creaks weren’t belonged to the house, but they were the chatting of the owners inside of those portraits, and now, we could have only imagine what they saying. 
For a while we looked at each other, and we thrown a glance in the library, with all the lights on, and we were thinking what it would have waited for us once entered there the next day.

We hadn’t want to think about it. We looked for to think at the present of that moment, and still in that small hall, you delicately took my hand, and lost in thought, slowly i looked at your hand that was holding mine, then i looked at you, and you sweetly said: “We need to rest” and i have only beckoned you, and so you have took me between your arms and we went upstairs. 

In that pink bedroom, we laid on that bed, and we remained in silence, while the air was entering from that window that we had kept open. Both knew that we wanted only savor those last moments in that dimension, and in a sigh, you sweetly invited me to throw me among your arms, and playing with your white shirt, slowly i closed the eyes.

Among the rustle of the shirt between my fingers, our breathes that were merging one with another, we didn’t have realizing that we fell asleep.”


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