You have woke

Me with your sweet embrace. I have opened the eyes feeling your arms around my belly,  i have could feel your sweet whisper.

How much i would like to wake everyday like this.

In the darkness of the room i thrown away the air from the lungs, feeling your arms that were thightening me strong toward you.
I know you have checked your instagram, my messages, and you have still smiled.

My heart is beating strong. Our connection is the air  we can feel our closeness tangible inside our stomach. 
We throw away all the oxygen we have in the body, and slowly we taken the new air from  one from another, as if it was the only the we have need, and maybe it’s so, and everything is turning around Our Parallel World. 

Everything is magical with you.
It’s a crazyness what i’m  living from five years ago, and in all these years, i didn’t able to explain in words what i’m feel when i feel your your closeness, maybe it something really intimate, but it’s the most beautiful sensation i ever felt in my life, and i remain astonish, because i’m feeling with you: you who have gave me the strenght to goes on in the my hardest part of my life, and it’s thank to you where i arrived where i’m now.
Only thank to you and Our Parallel World. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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