“When everybody” – *40*

Had received  their meal, on the Jack face it was print a smile, and he looked at us, and slowly, checking again that everything, but above all each one had something to eat, he came at our table, and even though, he had a tired face, we could see on his glance a sense that was filling his soul.

He had only two dishes to serve, and they were ours: he put us them in front, and slowly he threw himself on the wooden chair next to his friend, who was looking at him with totally pride, and he confessed us that he never given body and soul to one thing like that. 
We had smiled at both. 

“We have gave everything to this operation, and Jack and Sanchez have helped much” you said to the grey creature, while for the first time, after long time, i was tasting something of very delicious, even if the colour it wasn’t one of the best, but i didn’t care. In those hours we have spent alot energies and that dish it what we had need.

After a while, from the kitchen came out Sanchez, and everybody have clapped him. We knew that, he was the only one who could use the stoves, therefore we knew that he was the only one who preparing the meals: Jack when was enter in the kitchen only was arrange the dishes.
And now, hearing that claps followed by the usual buzz of the Pub, making proudest the owners, but now, even them had to rest for a bit. 

Jack had still that apron blooody spotted: blood that was became brownish, and it would become hard to clean. He looked at it, and slowly he took off it, and he threw it on the counter. 
We were reunited at our table. We knew that we were thinking to everything we had faced up to, but we hadn’t say nothing. It were enough our glances. 
Now the only sound that it was craddling us were the silverware against the dishes, and in those seconds it was the most beautiful sound that we could hear. 

Everything was becoming real calm, and we us with all the rest of the Pub, when Jack has spoken.
“Guys, what you had done has been greatest: you have defeated one of the worst evil that this city have ever had: a wolf masked by a little lamb, who little by little, was decimating all of us… if you were not arrived i don’t want think how it would be end”, and while he was saying all this, in the pub have fallen a silence, and everybody were listening to Jack, as if in his words there were all thoughts, of all those creatures who we not even knew.

We looked at each other, and you have tightened my hand. We didn’ know what say, but in a sigh you said: “We have done what anyone woud have done. You have taught us many things than we wouldn’t could learn in our whole life. There is much more humanity in these dimensions in which we have decided to live than in the real one: it is the wortest place. Not even the most beautiful magic can change it. Now we have place the first stones on which you have to build the new city: you will have many things to do”.

Listening to you, my heart has begun to beat strong, and one by one, i was staring each creature who, slowly, approached to our table to hear better what you was saying to Jack, and even though, i didn’t know them, i could perceive  their sensibility, and above all their sense of responsability to get better everything from now on and in that case i had thrown a glimpse to Bruno and Jizzy who were leaned to the opposite wall where it was our table, and they  were sharing several glances each other.

I was in silence, looking for to absorb everything of that moment, even the buzz that was come from the kitchen. 
Inside me was growing fast a lump that has prevented me to swallow even the smallest sip of water.
But then Jack has stared at me and immediately had understood that i was forsakening me, and even though i didn’t wanted admit, i had need to sleep. You knew better than me he had right, but you knew even that when we would had left the Pub, it would be the latest time that we would have seen all them, and a soft punch in the stomach was growing even inside you, and slowly, that sensation that was emptying my soul, was emptying your too. And just when we looked at each other, in a sigh i said: “I don’t want go away” .
Jack came to me, and held my hands, and with his almond eyes he looked at me straight into mine, he said: “You have to go. You have to see the two portraits in the creaking house…after all we have to thanks even them, you have to do it for us”.

I had the face streaked with tears, and i wasn’t able to say a word, while Jack was looking at you and in a sigh, he said: “She is tired, taking her to rest…” you have beckoned, and sweetly you have took me between your arms, and one by one we have looked at everybody, and even if you was hiding it perfectly, your eyes really slow were getting wet by little tears.

We were looking at for the last time Jack, Sanchez Bruno, Jizzy and the tall grey creature.
Sanchez was the lastest one who we had saluted. As habit, we were passed through the overhead door, and we came out from the servce door.
The crickets sound has accompanied us till the creaking house.”


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