I throw away the air

From the lungs from long time. Everything has happened in these days is still shaking my being, and it’s still shaking my soul, and when i feel your closeness, like in these instants, it’s something that is thrill me from inside.

Maybe i repeat, but when i feel your embrace that envelope my belly is one the most beautiful and sweet sensation, that i can perceive: and now it is growing fast. 
Slowly i feel our minds are getting connect, arriving at that point in which we are so close that we can touch ourselves, despite our distance. 
And what has happened yesterday made us feel closer than before, and even though you don’t reply, i feel how much you would want do it.

I see Berkana, and everything match: a new begining is front of us. Even your small bag Rune make me see Berkana : the circle wants ending with this sign. 
It opening slowly that new path that we have to cross. 

We can see each other.
We whispering our names, and everything it will ending when our souls, for real will meet, and you for first, will realize that our souls are destined to be together, and only when you will understand it, our path will be easier to cross, and at end will we meet, and we will can throw away all the air from the lungs that we held back it away for don’t go crazy.

I see yor sweet glance, and i place your hand on my chest, and i whisper: “Our connection is about to begin”. You are in silence, while our electric shock delicately are starting to cross our minds.
We tightening our hands and in silence we are looking at each other…. and 19and9.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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