“Reached” – *39*

The Pub, Jack had opened it even for whoever wanted enter, and for and endless time, he had decided that whatever it was ordered, it was free. 
It was his way to celebrate our victory, and as he had know, as soon opened the door of the Pub, he would have find again his friend was sat on that chair where we had left him.
On his grey face was printed a shy smile, and he as soon he had noticed us, he had invited us to sat next to him, for tell him how it was went.

Immediately we had accepted his invite, and after a quick glance between you and me, he asked to tell him eveything, but he knew it, already.

Jack was happy to have again their clients. Some of them were  those who had helped during that police operation, and more than give them some to eat, he was there than give them aid and for clean their wounds, and now he was happy snatch some of his good table clothes, than that never use them.

While you was telling him how it went, i was looking at me around, and i was looking at Jack and his attention to don’t leave anybody without his cures.
His perfect linen white apron, by now it was no longer perfect, and even his white long sleeves shirt were lifted up till the elbows, and even his gentleman behaviour was been threw in the garbage. Now some bad word was come out from his mouth freely without shame, and finally on the Sanchez face it could see a smile more relaxed, and finally even him, could send his chief to the hell without problems, and sometime Jack, after been sent to the hell, gave a “Well done” pat to Sanchez smiling him back. 

Unconsciously, in those instants they were writing again, the new rules of the Pub, and Sanchez was becoming new co- owner. 
Maybe i was been the only one who had noticed it, and my heart was beating strong. 
In that apparently chaos, it was reigning a perfect harmony. 
I was estranging myself from everything was surrounding me, but in someways i was completly taken from whatever thing was surrounding: your voice that was telling what was happened in that solitary boulevard, some creatures settled on several chairs, and other who were helping Jack, while Sanchez in the kitchen was preparing something for everybody it was the buzz that i was listening to. 

 I was looking at his smiling face, but the more the time was passing, the more that buzz was farest, and it seemed me that my soul was leaving my body, but maybe it was an impression, but that impression in her own way it was choking me.
Maybe i knew those hours were the lastet that i was passing there, and other dimension was waiting for us. 
Everything what we had done in that city, above all in that Pub, was going through in my mind so fast, while the life were getting back to the normality, and those noises of the police cars with their sirens on, by now, were became just a bad memory. 

As awaken from a dream, i have opened the eyes to what i had in front, and all those familar sounds made me got back in that Pub full of creatures, but i have started to look for Bruno and Jizzy, who didn’t know to do, and i knew their embaressement, to be in the middle of those creatures.
They were sat in front of our table, looking for to pretending nothing.
I have smiled them, and with a beckon with the hand, i said them to come. 
Making themselves space, asking excuse many times to the other creatures, arrived and they sat.

You had ended to tell the whole story to the tall creature and, finally you have sweetly smiled me, taking my hand kissing it, and even i, at end i was relaxing myself.
Bruno and Jizzy was looking at me in silence, but slowly a shy smile was being born in the brownish creature and with a funny joke, he has broke that suspended atmosphere.
“What day guys!” and we everybody, have smiled. 
Stranges facial espressions were being born in each one of us, and at end i looked at the only two creatures of the force of the order with a sweet but serious glance, and softly i said: “Now it has arrived your turn… the city has need of you, do you know it?”

For a short instant i have could see the real dread in those wide eyes open, but slowly those policemen were looked at each other, and in that glance that they had shared, there was a big awareness of which what it was waiting for them.
And remembering what they had say in Bruno apartment, Jizzy said: “We will do it at our best!”
Without add anything else, they remained in silence looking at all those creatures around, while Jack and Sanchez were distributing the last dishes to the creatures who hadn’t had received nothing to eat yet.”



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