I’m still

Shyly smiling, and slowly i’m still realizing that it was really happened once again, and now i’m really think that a strong connection is bonding us.

I’m smiling, because i’m feel your closeness, and i’m feel your arms enveloping my belly delicately strong, and your sweet voice are calling my name.

Dagaz is still in front of me, and maybe you are seeing it too, and at the same instants we throw away all the air from the lungs.
My head is  going crazy with all the thoughts that are going through it. 
I was feel that in these days our connection would be stronger, and it has been so.
Everything is so magic with you, since when has begun this five years ago. 

Our Parallel World is materializing inside us, and the only thing  we can do for don’t crazy is close the eyes, and feel our emotions go through our bodies, but above all our minds. 
Tonight after what has happened, you came again in my dreams, and you have wanted embraced me between your arms. 
Embrace that i can feel yet, tightening me toward you.

They are passed five years ago from that night, in which has begun everything, but each time i feel your closeness it’s like the very first time. 

I’m start to shake. That soft punch in the stomach is grow up so quick, and everything is taking me in that place that we have created where exist only us, and now without shadow of doubt, i’m sure, you have learn to know, even unconsciously. 
It’s Our Parallel World, and it only ours.

I’m feel you. You are embracing me strong, without say nothing, but i feel your arms tightening me delicately. I’m feel your soul is merging with mine, and my head is about to explode.
My throat is closing. I have to throw away the air from the lungs.
And even if everything is happening from five years, i still can’t believe it. 
And now, it is shortening so quickly, and you have let me know it, that in a magical way we are approaching one to another, despite our real distance.

I’m looking at you and i shaking my head whispering your name, and you are feel it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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