“While we” – *38*

Were joined by our friends and other creatures who wanted know who we were, you was still looking at me, smiling, and you wasn’t able to take off it from the face.

I was looking at straight the street, but i was feel your gaze pointed on me, and i started to blush, with my heart that has begun to beat strong. 
I knew that in that smile there was all you pride for me, and even something more.

We knew that we had played at the same game of police, and we had took advantage from a small spell, and in a time frame, we had turned over everything, but in that your glance, it seemed that i had done everything alone.

We were walking, hand in hand, but at a certain point you stopped, and put yourself in front of me. 
You wanted say me something before that all those creatures were arrived. 
You have held back the breath, and then: “When you have closed the eyes, and you have thrown the spell, in those seconds, i have had in front the most beautiful woman that i have ever met. Around you has bloomed a light that i can see yet. Look what you have done”, and you made me see everything that was there, and all of a sudden you have sighed put your finger on my mouth: “Listen!”

For the very first time the city was surrounded only by nature sounds: it seemd that city was been swallowed by that spell. Everything was so calm, and it seemed everything was taking their own right place. 
Only few cars, two o three, were running along the main street, but all the rest, was surrounded by those delicate noise. 
We smiled each other more yet, because we had recognized the usual dog bark in that solitary boulevard, and we were really distant from the creaking house, and you was looking at me so in love, and delicately, without realize, you have approach to me, and our heads touched themselves. You was about to kiss me, but you was interrupted by all those creatures who wanted to know who we were.

You was embracing me tight, and in that hold i have felt all your passion that you have would give me in that kiss, and just for a couple of seconds, i have closed the eyes.
At their own way they have thanked us, but who we wanted see were our friends, and only almost at end we had recognized Bruno with Jizzy on one of his big shoulder, Jack and Sanchez with both of aprons bloody spotted.

When everybody went away, they placed in front of us. For a bunch of minutes, we remained in silence:  we were stared at each other, while great emotions were passing going through to one another. 
Even though, you was embracing my belly from behind, you have could feel all my emotions that were going through the stomach, and i could hear your voice that was sigh: “I’m here”. 
You couldn’t see me, but knew that my eyes were getting wet by teardrops. 

All accumalated tension in those days, was slowly leaving my brain and my body, and slowly i was forsakening myself to a sensation that i had forget. 
Those teardrops, slowly were drying themselves, while i was taking to breath again. 
Only in those instants, i was realizing that, for all that period in which we were planning that plan, i was feeling like under water, and everything i wanted to do now, was to return to the Jack Pub and eat something.

Jack said only: “Let’s back in the Pub”, and with a smile full of proud, he made us street.
You was still embracing my belly, then you have put next to me, holding my hand, but without make you notice, sweetly, you have took me among your arms, and with all my astonishement, i whispered your name caressing your face, and sweetly i approached my head to your, and for a moment, we were estranged from all what was surrounded us, and finally we given us that kiss that we had waited for from before  we were interrupted. 
After, we looked at each other without add anything else, but around us, there was everything what we wanted to hear. 
The calm of our hearts.”


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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