I’m still

Throwing away the air from the lungs: it was from long time that you didn’t came to visit me in dream, and tonight when i saw you my heart has begun to beat strong.

I still feel your eyes pointed on me, and now my head is turning fast.
In my mind i have those few images of you who are stare me, for then go behind to envelope my belly. 

I still feel your arms that are tightening me strong toward you, whispering my name.

I’m shaking, and i missing the breath. Everything slowly is transforming in Our Parallel World.

 I feel that someone has talked you about me, and our connection is making itself stronger; that’s why you came in my dream. 
I hold back the breath strong: i know in someway you are thinking to me, and within few minutes our connection will explode: it is about to begin.

Our small signs are in the air, and we feel them, like lightenings inside a rainstorm. 
And we are shaking at unison.
Here it is.
Everything  begin turning fast, and our soft punch in the stomach is growing quickly.

In these minutes we are think to each other deeply. 
And everything  it’s incredible.
I feel your closeness closer than ever.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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