Your delicateness

Is wrapping me, and i feel your arms tightening my belly. 

I close the eyes for don’t go crazy, i start to feel my head is about to explode. 
In short time our connection begin, and we feel it stronger than ever.

You are looking at me without say nothing. I only can perrceive your breath.
Your eyes are  pointed on me
Dagaz is in front of me: that gate we have opened from long time, and now we are crossing that path from different points, but at end we would arrived to the half, and finally our gaze will meet for real.

Our hearts are beating strong like two jackhammers.
Jera was show itself twice. It say: “We have to have patience”. 
We have no hurry. 
Our love is made by all patience of the universe: we know that at end all this will accomplish in the sweetest way possible.

Slowly we throw away all the air from the lungs, and we are doing at the at same time, we feel it. 
Everything is taking us in Our Parallel World. 
Our lump in throat having moving us, and i can feel you are tightening me more to you.
Holding back the breathe i thinking to you, whispering your name. 
I know you are hearing me. 
Our connection is about begin, our electric shocks are crossing our minds delicately. We throw away all the air from the lungs, and here it is! We feel it is surrounding us.
It’s magical.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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