“The police” – *37*

Had deployed all those cars in row and they were starting to shoot several shots toward  those who were their enemies, and everything has begun to slow down, even the bullets. 

But once audience of that macabre show, we had realized that, inside of it, everything it went faster, only the very first bullets got slow, and only who was outside  from that stage, it seemed him everything slow down.

They were inside a bubble, and only few seconds later, we had understood, why they had targeted that zone.
It was out of of their control, and in someways, they had to kill who couldn’t control. 
Inside that bubble everything went very fast, even the bullets.
Many creatures of that zone of the city were been caught and made them prisoners, and like in a movie, the bad one, had claimed something in change, but they knew had to just act, and do what that the BOSS and Patrick had decided. 

That zone had to be decimated at any cost. 
While  was reigning the chaos, among the bad ones, who captured the passers- by,  the police that prentending to do his job. In those minutes, it was deciding who had to die, and who could live to tell the whole matter.
We hid ourselves behind a big bush, and we attending to that whole scene with disgusting, while our heart were beating strong. 

Jack and Sanchez were looking at me with wide eyes open, asking themselves, why i didn’t have pronnounced those few words of that sheet of paper, and they were looking at you, questioning, why you didn’t have say nothing yet. 
Even Bruno, in the middle in that parade of police cars, with his gun pointed toward those creatures who were making good and bad weather in that chaos, was waiting for that something unexpected happening. 

I knew that i had to pronounce them, as i had learnt them by heart, while we were arriving there, but inside me it was being born an awareness that nobody next to me had comprehend yet. 
Attending that show, i was understanding that everything we had thought to do, was in part wrong.
We had to got slow down the police operation, and we had to put in safe more creatures possible, in a frame time that we didn’t could know how many it would lasting, and everything was running fast in my mind, and i have hadn’t the time to explain everything there, but i would should do it, as soon i would had thrown the spell. 

I was feel all the eyes pointed on me, and in those seconds i was taking all the courage that i had need. 
I met your questioning glance, and only in those seconds, you have understood what’s i had in mind.
You have sighed my name, and i looked at you straight into the eyes, and i sighed: “I know…but it’s so…”.

Jack and Sanchez had understood what they had to do, only when you have said: “You have to run faster and put in safe more creatures than you can. When Daria will throw the spell everything will go slow down. You look for Bruno and Jizzy. Put in safe more creatures in safe you can!”  And so they have left that bush, and they have reached another hid point closer to the police cars. 

When we remained alone, you have looked at me straight into the eyes, and have took the hands.
You didn’t have said nothing. You knew that there was need add further pressure. 
But only looking at me for a second more, i held back the breathe, and closing the eyes, and delicately i thrown that spell, and that bubble in which everything went so fast, and the wounded creatures were asking help, it stopped for a bit, while our friends were screaming to the creatures to run away, and Bruno was taking away all the creatures laid on the ground who weren’t capable to move.

In that frame time, the only almost immobilized were the police. 
I didn’t know how long the spell it have would lasted, but when i saw the BOSS look at our part, my biggest desire has been to be noticed by him. and so i came out from that bush, while you was whspering my name saying to be careful. I took your hand, so you came out too, and looking at him straight into his evil eyes, i sighed: “It’s everything you deserve, to remain in yours trap itself”, and saying that last sentence, i have understood that the spell would been lasting over time.

I turned myself and with a shy smile i looked at you, and you have smiled me back.
Slowly, we have left all those police cars inside that magical bubble.”


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