“While” – *36*

We moved away slowly from the big space in front from the Pub, we looked at each other, with one only question in mind: “But what we are doing?”, but we were continuing to go on: it was like our bodies were divided from the mind, and they knew to go on til we hadn’t met that wall in which we were about to clashing.

We were disoriented but determined to do what had planned, and as automaton we were crosssing that tree boulevard. 
I was in the middle between you and Jack, and another question was about to come out from my mouth, and all of sudden,  i looked at Jack and in a sigh, i asked: “Please tell me more about your friend”. 
We everybody stopped and looked at Jack, who seemed entered in the past. 

For an instants, looked at us in silence, then he begun to talk, looking behind toward the Pub, because he knew, his friend was still inside of it, and he seemed look at the precise point in which, he had saw him for the very first time.
He started.

“In the first days when everything has started, we were in a total confusion. Many of those ills-intetioned had sent away alot of the creatures from their own houses and many of them didn’t know where to go, many were able to go way from this city, many others didn’t wanted go away: they had everything here.
They had attempted to send me away too, but i have resisted: Sanchez has been the only one who have decided to remain close to me. He’s been him to noticed him one day, thrown away like a garbage bag next the garbage bin under the oak tree.”, and Jack indicated the exact point with his thin greenish paw.
and he continued: “I don’t hurt nobody, i don’t hurt nobody, it what he had repeated to Sanchez, and he had prayed him to left him where he was. I remember well when Sanchez got back inside to the Pub. He invited me to go outside to see him”. Sanchez was listening to the Jack words, and ocassionally, he sighed.
“When i went outside, i remained astonished. That mess, it had reduced him a living skeleton, then in those eyes… in those eyes i have seen the real dread. I couldn’t have not help him. He was scared more than anyone else. I’m sure that he lived in one of these houses. I didn’t ever seen him move away from here. 
But what i’ve seen earlier it has left me breathless , i didn’t knew, he knew  that kind of magic. I remained speechless when i see him start to write so fast those few  words.”
Then we have took a glimpse to sheet of paper. 

With Jizzy we had completed that formula, but it would was so long to pronnounce it in a time frame so short, in which it would could happen everything. Instead, in his way, the words that we had to learn by heart, were only four, at maximum six. 
We remained a bit in silence, and for a while, it seemed us, even to hear only the nature sounds, but it has been really a second, because immediately after, a parade of cars of the police with their sirens on, had filled that surreal silence that had surrounded us.

When the walky talky radio of Bruno croaked once again, we  stopped breathless. 
We knew to turn the the left,  a bit outside the city, and for that news we had threw away a sigh of relief.
It would been less chaos in city, but we weren’t sure that that operation would ended there.

We had to accellerate the walk, and we would have to hid ourselves as soon we would be arrived in that place for don’t get suspicious anybody.
We had said Jizzy and Bruno, that arrived at that point, it was better that each one were going for their own way. They have immediately understood and, have left that sidewalk to reach the opposite one. 
They have would understood everything alone, and so they have only beckoned us, and have started to run toward the police cars stopped, put in row.

For a while we remained to stare all that mess that it was formating, while with a such rapidity Jizzy has settled himself his flashing shield on his tiny back and he started to run in the middle to the cars. 
He was vanished, but we could still see his flashing shield between the other redblue lights. 
With the heart in throat i have looked at you with wide eyes open. We threw away all the air from the lungs
And only few seconds later everything has begun to slow down.”


Listen to it⇓⇓


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