I’m diving in

Inside Our Parallel World with all the ease possible.

Everything around is remind it, and slowly i feel you that delicately are embracing my belly sweetly, and your voice is call my name, and i close the eyes. 

Everything is taking me in that storage room in Blue City. 
Only us, and that strange atmosphere that was wrapped us.

That storage room, our feelings. that white big blanket on the floor, and now our feeling that are expanding themselves all around in this bedroom.
 I can feel your arms that are tightening me strong toward you, and everything become like in that dark room. 

Our Parallel World is also this made by remembers mixed by our adventures in other dimensions, and new emotions that we are feeling in these instants. 
We have to throw away all the air from the lungs for don’t go crazy. 

I’m feel you arms are tightening me strong, and whispering something that only my soul can decypher. 
My heart is beating strong and you can feel it. 
I can relive everything what we have lived in that storage room, and i can feel your emotion merging with mine.
You are pulling me toward you always more, and everything is more magical in that floating city.

We hold back the breath, and we looking at us around.
We are in our Blue City.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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