Your smile

Is piercing my soul, and  i feel your embrace around my belly, and  can feel your whisper.
You call my name.

You are feeling that our connection is making itself stronger, and i feel it too. 
Our soft punch in the stomach is the most sweet thing that we can feel in these instants.
Despite our distance, we can feel our breath wrapping us one with another, and this is making us sweet smile. 
Our throat is closing. 
You  are tightening me delicate, and slowly you are pulling me toward you. 
Our heads are touching, and our eyes dive one inside another. 

We remain in silence, we are the oxygen of the other. 
Sweetly we hold back the breath, for then throw it away from the lungs.
Delicately we smiling.  You touch my face, while i slide my hand inside your unfastened shirt.

You are sigh my name, i lift up the face, and delicately you approach your lips to mine, starting to caressing them, and all of in sudden we disappearing in Our Parallel World, dancing our slow dance.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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