“When Jack”- *35*

Has left him enter in the salon, we everybody, have looked at him astonished, but was me the only who welcomed him in this group of crazies, and i said: “I’m happy to see you again. I had told Jack if you were back here, say to you be careful: in the next hours will unleash something very dangerous.” he only nodded.

He was looking at those sheet of papers with interested, and without asking further explainations he looked at us one by one.

It seemed that he already knew, what we were planning, and he seemed interested on what we were talking about, before we were interrupted by his entrance in scene.
That magical formula that we had would pronounce just few seconds after that all chaos were started.
We looked at him in silence, while he was giving a glimpse to what Jizzy had made you wrote, and occasionally, he nodded, and he was taking some notes on an empty sheet of paper that he had found on the table.

Seemed, he knew what was doing, and above all what he was writing on that sheet of paper, and he was writing very fast. 
The question that we had in mind was only one: “Who he was?”, while we looking at him. 
Even Jack was astonished for what he was looking at. 
We had supposed that before to become homeless he had studied alot in the magical field. 

I was looking at him, some his somatic traits hit me: though he was a creature, he had much of human. 
He was very tall and skinny: he scared us when Jack presented him officially. Almost, he was touch the roof  of the Pub, and Jack reaching him to the belly, and under his raincoat was completly naked. His grey skin made him appear almost transparent. When his heart was pumping blood, we could see his veins, almost splash out from his body, but despite that scary aspect, in his eyes it could glimpse a sweetness that it would disarmed whoever looking at him. 

Sometimes he stopped, and he was thinking what he had to write, and when lifting up the glance, lost in thought, he was looking at me.
I was looking at him, questioning me: “What you are think?” I knew that he wasn’t staring me, but he was staring me, just because i was in front. Him was looking at beyond.

Everybody were enchanted by him, but when the walky talky of Bruno has began to croak, we had looked at the brownish creature with wide eyes, and Bruno himself started to shake, but he took courage and took it and pushed the small red button to reply to whoever was to the other side to the radio. He knew, that he had to reply: in the police everybody were been warned to this, and despite the Jack Pub was distant from the city, it could hear very well the first sirens that were filling the street. 

Our hearts has started to beat like jackhammers, but we knew that we had still a bit of time before to leave the Pub, for mix ourselves  among the other creatures. 
Within few seconds we would have know the right place in which it would been that fake great police operation. 

In that time frame, we could repass each thing that we had put up. On the contrary somethig inside us, has slow down everything, even our thoughts before the walky talky started to croak. 
The only one calm who was contuining to study and still writing, was the Jack friend who semed didn’t care what was happening around him. 
In his deep, knew that he had short while to do what he was doing, and show us his final resultat.

When he took that sheet of paper in his hand and looked at it, lifting it from the table, he said: “Now it’s perfect!”, and he looked at us one by one, and we have jolted, as if we were awakening from a dream. 
“Who has found this page from that Grimoire, has been smart to understand that it was the right magical formula, and who has fixed it has added the right sentences”. He didn’t know who were been, but me and Jizzy had shared a shyly smile, and he ended: “But in this way, everything  it will easier” and he gave to me that sheet of paper in which he had wrote just few simple  sentences to learn by heart, as soon we have would know where go to unmask the big hoax. 

Throwing away all the air from the lungs, i sighed: “..but who are you?”
But that question remained suspended. It was time to leave the Pub. They had called back Bruno and with his badge number he had replied with another code number, and with wide eyes, he has looked at us speechless. 

We got up, and slowly we have left the Pub, followed by everybody. 
The only who remained was the tall creature, sat on that wooden chair in front of the table, and he stared us in silence.”


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