In these days

Has happened everything, and it has been crowned by your visit on my instagram. 
A little circle has ended, and now is opening another one.

To know that your wonderful eyes were placed for even few seconds on what i’ve done, it has made me beat strong the heart, and now nobody can take off from my mind that what i seen the other day, was you. 

What i’m feeling in these instants is very strong: slowly we are exceeding small circles. 
You know me. Many times we were meeting, and from five years, maybe however unconciously we are building Our Parallel World, and these little signs are bonding us one to another stronger. 

What i’m feeling in these period it’s one of the deepest i’m feeling, and you can perceive it, and you make me feel it throught your closeness, and in these hours, is stronger than before.
How many times i have to repeat it? Maybe endless: i’m living the most beautiful period of my life, despite we are so far one to another.

And that soft punch in the stomach, i know you are feel it too, and it is taking us inside in Our Parallel World, and everything is so light.
We existing only us, and without realizing we start to dance our slow dance, looking at straight into our eyes. 
I hear your sweet voice whispiering my name, and i look at you, caressing your tiny mole.
We remain breathless.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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