“Hearing” – *34*

The last sentences of Jizzy, we everybody were stared  each other a bit scared.
We knew well that we were only a bunch of crazies were think to defeat an army of armed creatures, but at least we had to attempt. 

We had shared at last disperate glance, but at end i held back the breath, and i said:” At least we have to try!” and everybody, above all who had lost someone special has nodded

Jack knew that evening would be longer, and slowly at turn with Sanchez, he would prepared something for everybody. 
We had to find a weak point in that plan that would have put in kneel the city in the next hours, and in those handnotes, that we had found in the creaking house, and  in those that Jizzy had collected in the department, maybe there it would been that point break, that it have would could break down all that machine that had the BOSS and Patrick had put up, and maybe we would could even find someone who had joined that group only for career advancement, but then it was just an excuse. 
“The more they are, the more is better” i sighed, looking at everybody who were studying carefully part of the big sheet of paper on the table, taking other handnotes, comparising them with the others, that little by little were increasing.

Each one were in silence, ocassionally there was a comparison: some good, some that we had absolutely keep in cosideration, and some to discard.
At a certain point, Jizzy had took a glimpse to the sketch that Sanchez had perfectly rebuild from your sketch, and he remained astonished, and gave a pat to Bruno who was fighting with a small sheet of paper of his blocnote, that he wasn’t able to hold in his big paw. 
Bruno remained breathless, while was tightening stronger that sheet of paper reducing it in waste paper. 
They remained in silence looking at Sanchez who said: “I remember him well, i’ve seen him from far, but that grey bald face with that scar, has remained impressed well in my mind.” 
For a second, in the Pub has fallen a cold silence. 
We have could imagine the whole scene, and a shiver crossed along our back.

Jizzy looked at him and said: “We have that mugshot in the police: but we know it’s there to full an usless wall”. 
Sanchez took a glimpse to that face, and in a murmur he added: “It will be there for a little while!” and for the first time, we have looked at in his eyes a challenge glance. For the first time from long time, he had the possibility to see the killer of her sister, died, and for nothing in this world, he would made escape it.
We would been nothing in comparison to an army, but ever, in the whole time we have spent in the Pub, we had heard Sanchez speak like that: he was determined to go on till the end, and seeing him, my heart was filled of something bigger than me, and was about to explode. 
Even you have looked at him, then you have shared a quick glance with me, and in that gaze i had understood that you have woud do the same, and have tightened my hand delicately.

In those hours we had collected other informations, and little by little, we had drafted a good plan, but there was the only thing that we had to understand if that magical formulas that Jizzy had completed it would have worked.
Only when the hellish it would  unleashed, we would have could know, and this got scared us.

We had based the plan only on those magical words, and now many doubts has came in mind.
Jizzy, yes knew the magical formulas, but it was long time that, he wasn’t pronounce one, and now that the time was almost at end, he was no longer sure of what he had wrote, and now he was looking at everybody with many questions in mind, when a shadow has made us jolt: it had crossed the big space in front to the Pub many times.
It went forward and backward, and the only two street lamps made it appear longer than normal. 
It seemed had a long soft raincoat, and it seemed wanted enter at any cost. 
We hadn’t hear  anything that it could warn us of an imminent danger, but Sanchez slowly went in the kitchen and took an axe, and he was brandishing it, ready to hit whoever was outside.

But when from outside Jack has heard pronouncing his name, he got calm everybody: he has recognized his friend homeless. He had something important to refer us.
Jack said him to pass behind the pub, trought the service door. 
He left him enter.”



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