“Jack” *33*

Was composing that number looking at Sanchez overwhelmed by what he had as soon discovered by the handnotes.
He was more astonished than us, and with his glance seemed more happier for the revenge of the his sister than his own for Daisy. 

He brought the black old style phone on the table, while from the other side was ringing. 
The phone number that Jizzy had gave to Jack, wasn’t the usual emergency number, however it seemed a direct number of an office, but for what we knew Jizzy hadn’t a own office, but when he gave Jack that hand note, he said: “If i don’t reply, don’t worry, hang up the phone, within few minutes i will call you back”.

We remained as suspended in those seconds hoping Jizzy take the phone handset, but there was no reply.
We looked at us with wide eyes, while Jack really slow hanged up the phone, and in a sighed he said: “You will see he will call back soon. And everybody got back to stare Sanchez who was looking at that sketch, studying each particulars. All of a sudden, he asked Jack his pencil that he had always inside his black vest, and with all careful, he drawed a big scar on the face of the bald creature who had recognized and he completed your sketch with other particular signs, and little by little that sketch was taking life in the material performer of the death of Sanchez’ sister. 

When he ended, he sighed: “That’s him!”, and he looked at us one by one.
As soon he finished to say that, the phone rang, and everybody jolted at unison, and we stared Jack who taken the phone handset, but he didn’t spoke: he waited for the other indetify himself: for a second he held back the breath, and he looked at us scared, but when heard: “I’m Jizzy”, Jack beckoned us, throwing away the air from the lungs, and we with him.
A shiver crossed along our back, and with careful we attended the phone call, and at end Jack gave you the phone handset, and with apparently calm, you have described everything, then Jack has wanted back the phone handset, and with such precision, told Jizzy what Sanchez had obtained from a simple sketch.
We had in front, a precise draw of the killer of her sister, and we everybody were staring at Sanchez breathless.

“Well done guys! We think to have other information, but we have to study a plan really soon: within few hours, the BOSS will put up another operation, and….we know what it does mean” He said.
Jack ended the phone call saying: “Come early!”
Hanged up the phone call, Jack started to look at straigt into our eyes, questioning himself  how we have would defeat an army as big like the police department, and in his almond eyes, it was painting the real dread. 

For an instant we remained in silence, we didn’t know how to reply him, and he had replied what Jizzy had told him. 
We everybody, already knew it, but hearing it once again it scared us more. 
Sanchez was hypnotized by that draw, and seemed he was speaking to that sketch. 
He didn’t say nothing, but what we have could catch through his glance toward that sheet of paper, was pure hate, and he seemed lost in thought, when all of sudden, he said: “Finally you will have a worthly revenge.” and we knew that he was talking to her sister. 

That morning, has became afternoon, for then transforming itself in evening.
Many costumers passed, even to ask what was kind of issue had to be repared, and Jack with his gab, was explaining everything with all naturality, and he was offering them something to take home, and without be rough, he was able to send away everybody, always with a smile printed on their faces. I was looking at him as enchanted, and when i met his glance i smiled him.

And just only when he saw the big clock on the long display window placed above it, he looked at Sanchez, and without say nothing, they have closed all the shutters of the big window that covered the facade of the Pub.
And when finally Bruno and Jizzy had knocked to the door, and entered with other envelope, Jack ask Sanchez to locked the Pub.
Even them had something important to say us. 

In that envelope there were every handnotes that in those hours they had collected, pretending nothing, rounding in the office, even joking with the other wolf involved in all that matter: Patrick. 
“Jizzy has been smart to stopped him and chat with him. Without realizing, he gave some informations really important.” said Bruno looking at Jizzy who was taking off his flashing shield, already turned off.

Everybody were looking at the tiny creature  who jumped on the table, and he said: “The whole operation will start tomorrow, they were get preparing from a week. He said me they will catch the leader, but in reality, we know, they will do nothing, and there that we will act.”
We knew what he meant: the time,  the magical formulas, and in some way, we who would have defeated the evil.
But for a moment we looked at each other, without hopes to win.”



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