I  feel your embrace around my belly, and your sweet whisper. 
Slowly our minds will get connect one with another. 
I begin to feel our soft punch in the stomach that is unite us alway in the sweetest way possible.
I’m starting to shake like a leaf.
In your mole i can see Our Parallel World that delicately is sorrounding us, and slowly is taking us inside of it.
 Your hold is becoming softer, and your voice is wrapping me.
Our glances meet, and you shyly smile. I’m blush.
You touch my face, lifting it up, and our eyes are diving one in another.
In silence we are sharing us everything we are feeling, and are the most delicate emotions we had ever felt. The softest, but even the strongest, and in one second our electric shock are crossing our minds… 
Our connections is in these minutes, and we know it, are our feelings. 

Our throat is closing, and everything we can do is throw away the air from the lungs, and think that everything we have buildt in these five years is becoming something real.
And maybe one day we will dance our slow dance in our apartment for real.


Listen to it ⇓⇓


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