It had to happen

Just this day?? Me that i don’t believe in these stuff. But when i saw that little flag, my heart has stopped, and then it has began to beat like a jackhammer, and it doesn’t want to get calm yet. 

Maybe it’s a destiny game, but the more i go on, the more i say myself: “Isn’t possible, but at end i have to surrender: it’s all there in front of me, and the only thing i can do is throw away the air from my body for don’t crazy.

I’m still on that rollercoaster, and they are rounding, are taking me to you, and i can feel that thread is uniting us always more, and that soft punch in the stomach is something real.
The double numbers are arounding us in a stronger way. 

I’m shaking like a leaf, and despite you are far from me, you can feel every small emotions that are in my head. You feel them too, and that soft punch in the stomach is making itself bigger an bigger.

I’m looking at you and i can’t that don’t take a long breathe, and think to all these things and put them all together, trying to don’t crazy.
Our Parallel World is exist and slowly is swallowing us inside of it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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