“In front to” – *32*

The Jack Pub, we stopped for a bit, then we held back the breathe, and we entered. 

As Jizzy reccomended the customers had to disincrease, and as we had noticed to the main door there was a hand note in which in few words it was written that from that day the service would be reduce for some technical issues.

We looked at each other and all of a sudden you have opened the door letting me enter first.
There was only a costumer at the table in front of the over head door, who was slowly eating the Sanchez soup, and he was looking at us with circumspection, but he seemed only curious who we were, and only after few seconds, he took again to look at his dish and very slow he has directed the spoon toward his jaws.

We had heard Jack and Sanchez in the kitchen chatting, and we sat at our table, opposite to that one of the creature, and without say nothing we have wait for that Jack or Sanchez came out.
And when: “Hey you in the kitchen! There are the two humans, they are waiting for you!” has resounded in that empty local, we jolted, and we had stared the giant creature getting up on his feet, who was leaving the Pub. 

With the glance we had followed him, was crossing the Pub. Also him hadn’t took off his glance on us, and only when the little bell on the main door warning that the door was closed, we looked at each other with wide eyes open. Who was him? 
“Don’t worry he seems a good one”, and right after you have sighed that phrase it’s arrived Sanchez followed by Jack who was checking that table occupied by that creature, and without wait for our question, he replied with all calmness. 
“The little Daisy, wasn’t the only creature i have helped. He’s a homeless, ocassionally he come and the only thing he ask a warm dish, and i prepare it, i don’t ask him nothing in change”. I looked at him sweetly and i smiled him.
“You are a good creature Jack. If he will return, please tell him to be careful in these days. We have found something that we think is very important”. And you have tapped the leather envelope that you had in front. 
And so, Jack called Sanchez telling him to leave what he was doing and to come and listen.

“Jack you had right, the creaking house  has much things that have to discovered yet, but we believe, this is one of the biggest.” Opening the leather envelope, you had told the story of the two portraits, and in particular the last one of the female. 
“She has made us understood that behind that locked door there was something very important”, and while you was speaking you had  opened the big sheet of paper on the table.
Jack and Sanchez remained astonished. There was everything: names, sketches, streets, and some others sentences that sounded like those that Jizzy had made you wrote following those hand notes page from that Grimoire.
It seemed everything matched with all that what was happening in city.

“We have to say it immediately to Bruno and Jizzy” Sanchez said, looking at Jack, who was questioning himself how to warning them. We had to wait for their turn were ended. We stared both Jack and Sanchez, but get back to the police deparment, would been very dangerous, especially for us. We would have suspected someone inside there. 
Everybody nodded, and we have took a glimpse to the clock and there were many hours yet to see Bruno and Jizzy enter in the Pub
“What you have discovered is really important”. Jack said, leaving for a moment the thought how to warn their friends. He had took that big sheet of paper, and he had sharing it with Sanchez who was concetrated on those four sketches you had done with the names close. 
He was looking for to associate those names to the other tragic event in which he was personally involved, and he seemed to have recognize one of the faces that you had well copied, and at end he looked at us astonished.

He seemed  run over by a big truck, and he was looking at who he had in front speechless. He had stil his chef hat on, but he took off it, only for the second time we had seen him with his big black eyes, really moved. 
A tear has rolled his plumpy face, and at end he only said: “Someone else was take care about my sister death”, and he has indicated us one of the sketches you had copied.
There was a long minute of comprehension, and then Jack got up on his feet and he took the phone, and without thinking much, he composed the number that Jizzy had gave him. 
He looked at Sanchez who was drying his face and he looking at us, while i was tightening his greasy paws.”


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