“While we” – *31*

Went upstairs we had take a glimpse to the female portrait, and the more we went up, the more the glance of that creature seemed relaxed, and she knew  we would go at the bottom and we would have open the locked door, till now a forbidden place, but that it have would made us discover those things that it have would completed the general situation in which the city was fallen.

Despite we had got familiarity with that house, crossing that bad lit aisle, we were scared.
We had noticed that at end of that aisle there was a window, that was illuminate the locked door. The hidden window was on right side, where there were placed the other windows of the facade of the house, but we hadn’t never noticed it, because it was well hid by a big tree.
Ended the small aisle, we had take a glimpse to the window, and from it entered a good light, and that door was the only along that small T aisle. 
The only one other thing, at the of that aisle in front of the window was a mirror placed above a wooden furniture well hand painted.
A long shiver had crossed our back when we placed in front of that locked door.

We had thought to open the wooden forniture to look for the key, but when we have stared the door handle, the key was inserted in the keyhole already. It hadn’t nothing special: it was a simple key, however a bit rusty, but nothing more nothing less.
My blood frozen, and i sighed your name when you have took the courage to turn the key to open that door.
All of a sudden, all the creak of the house stopped to resound inside of it, and it seemed us that a light breeze was entered from that small window, freshen everything inside of that room. 

As soon entered, the first thing we have noticed it had a big skylight that it was illuminating big part of that room, but what had impressed us more, it was the opposite wall, full of newspapers articles and pictures of some creatures that we hadn’t never seen around with names on, some with a red question mark next and others underlined many times in blue.
My heart has stopped. I was tightening your hand always more, while you with wide eyes was looking that sort of scheme speechless. 
I had to take breathe again, and slowly i left you, and i sat on a dusty and worn out brown couch, overwhelmed, and staring the creamish floor illuminated by a beam of light that entering from the skylight: i was mumbling something that, not even for me was understandable. 

I was speechless, and my head was turning round like rollercoaster, and at end i sighed you name. 
“Maybe we have could save Daisy” i said clearly, while you was still looking at that scheme, looking for to copy to the best what was written on it for bring it to the Pub. It was usless call everybody, and then it have would make suspicious whoever: nobody was no longer passed in that solitary boulevard, and it was better that everything remain like that.

Ended to copy all what you thought it was important, above all those name, sketching their faces, you kneeled in front of me and taking my hand, you said: “We can’t to know it, maybe these notes are previous to the Daisy death. We can’t to know it”, and with those few words put in row, you was able to make born a little smile, while you was caressing my face.

You had take a last glimpse to the other sheets of papers scattered on floor, but  there weren’t nothing written on it, just draft of the those sketches that you had copied on a large sheet of paper with the other informations that you had collected from that big cork panel. 
You had that big sheet of paper in hand and was looking something to envelope it without ruined the fresh ink, and behind the couch there were many leather envelope, and you have choose one, and with careful you have inserted it inside of it.
Then you have threw a glance toward me, and said: “We have to go immediately to the Pub”. I nodded. 

Giving a latest glimpse to that room, looking for see if there was something could be important, we have throw away the air from the lungs, and only at end of an careful tracking shot, we have sighed: “We can go”. 
Now it was  very important to bring that sheet of paper to who could  gave us further news on those names and faces: Bruno and Jizzy. 

We went downstair, but we stopped in front of the two portraits and the female, for the very first time seemed, she staring at us, and slowly on her face was printed a delicate smile. 
We smiled her back, and immediately after we came out, and with fast walk we directed to the Jack Pub.”


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