“We had really” – *30*

Need to evade from that atmospshere that in someways, was choking us, but now we had to get back to the reality. 

The next morning, we  woke up, looking at straight into our eyes, and the first thought that has back us in mind, was the meaning of the Jack phrase  who had said when he had salutated us the previous evening in the Pub.
We had found the only thing very important, and we had found just in that creaking house.

The Jack hurry had a reason, and now we had to get back in that library in searching for another, even minimal but indispensable thing.

In those pages of those books that the owner of that house, had pulled out, there was something more, and surely, we had in front all books we had need to leaf. 
We would have spent all day in that big room, but we hadn’t eat nothing since the previous evening. 
The first day that we had took a glimpse to the house, we had concetrated to visit just the two main rooms of it, and we had left the other ones, above all we hadn’t opened the door at the bottom of the long aisle upstairs , but now it seemed the lesser important room of the house, and in someways that close door it was warning us to don’t open it.

We dressed  again, and with a sweet smile you said: “I go to see if the kitchen, i can take something to eat, you start to check the other books” and so, we went downstairs. 
By now, our habit was to check those two portraits attached to the wall of that small stairs. 
It seemed everything ok.
Till now the portrait that had gave us more indications was that one of the male creature, but this time that one who seemed worry was the female, and i made you notice, and seemed that she wanted warn us of something upstairs.

We looked at each other, and we had taken note of this, while we divided us. 
You have acrossed the salon where was the black piano and you entered in a small kitchen, while i was staring that female, looking for to understand better what she wanted say, it was useless. She wasn’t change: she was looking at upstairs with a worry glance.

Always staring the portrait i left the hall, and i entered in the library, hoping that you got back soon.
Now even stay in different room, those creaks scared me a bit more. 
I placed me on the big chair in front of the desk, and i moved away the only book that i had learnt by heart and i have taken a new one, and i started to leafing it, but that image of that portrait was hammering my head, and i wasn’t able to concentrate me. She wanted that we went upstairs.

With this thought, i started again to leafing the book, looking to don’t going crazy. 
I threw away all the air  from the lungs, i don’t know many times i did it, and finally you entered in that library, and that heavy weight, slowly vanished, you have noticed it immediately, and without asking me nothing, you said: “That’s her” looking at me straight into my eyes: i nodded only, and after threw away the air i had in body, i added: “I believe that this house contain more than we imagine. The Grimoire, then the sheets of papers in the blue room, and now she with that glance. We have checked all the rooms just one, and i believe she wants that we enter in that one.” 
I looked at you wide eyes open, and in a sighed i ended: “Everything what we had to find here we have done it, now we have to check that locked room upstairs”. 

I was lost in my thoughts that not even, i had noticed that you had brought a small tray with that one few that you had found in the kitchen: toasted bread, fruit jam and something that seemed milk, and you looked at me saying: “It will be not milk, but  it’s not bad”. 
And with that simple sentence, you made me forget what was hammering my head. 

During the time that we had breakfast, we had forget where we were, and we entered again in that bubble that magically, it was raised around us, and we have spent another half hour in all tranquillity. 
We were us, and only what we were feeling in those instants, but everything ended in a blink, slowly the morning sounds mixing each other with those of the city from far.
And it has reminded us everything. At end we looked at each other, taking courage, we went in the hall. 
We had looked the female, with a worry glance, was still looking at upstairs, and we knew where she wanted we went. We threw away all the air from the lungs, and we tightened strong the hands.”


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