This a weirdness

And the more i think of of it, the more i don’t want to think the all this whole story began five years ago, have a sense. 

Just before i thought that maybe it was only a game of my mind and all my desire that all this was all real, but now i have to throw away all the air from the lungs really strong, and my head is exploding, with my heart that is not able to get calm.

I’m looking at you and everything is arounding that mole, and all these small coincidences making me think that Our Parallel World is about to clash with the real one, and that soft punch in the stomach that i’m feeling from i was woke, isn’t only fruit of something that is only in my imagination, but it’s something that has arrived at turning point, and i’m diving inside something bigger than i never could, not even imagine. 

Just think at where we arrived,  it’s something magical, but this it tightening my stomach stronger. 
I feel you closer than ever, and in that mole i see the world we have created expanding itself always more.

I throwing away the air from the lungs stronger. 
I believe to going crazy. 


Listen to it⇓⇓

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