When few sounds

It bring backin time, and you can relive the same emotions adding new ones.
It’s incredible how i feel your closeness in these hours so strong, and i remember the soft punch in the stomach that has grew up always faster when i was on the sofa late night, and now these emotions are taking me to in our Blue City. 

I feeling your arms around my belly, and everything is bring me in that storage room, while we are in this bedroom.
I bet that is happen even to you, to be wrapped by emotions that you believed have forget, instead, they are there inside you, maybe in the hidest part of your mind, and it’s enough to open that little door, and everything start again as the very first time.

Just two sounds effects, and that door, all of in sudden, is open itself in front of you, and you can see everything, as if, you lived it few minutes ago.
And now i feel your arms tightening me stronger, as if you wanted say me: “Yes”
It’s everything so strange: this atmosphere that has come back to  envelope us, and what we are feeling in these instants: really magic:

Our Parallel World is made even of these things that lived during all these years, and everything we have created is only ours. 
I can see you are shaking the head, and slowly you are tightening me strong, looking at me, shyly smiling.



Listen to it ⇓⇓

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