“For a second” – *29*

That seemed lasting an eternity, we looked at us straitght into our eyes, and i caressed your face, reaching your mole, and you have left me do it.
For the very first time, after our landed in that city, we were looking at each other, as we didn’t had done from long time.

We had forget what emotions we feeling one for another, as much as  we were taken with this matter, but when you have leaned me on that mattress, as in a enchant, everything evil was vanished, and all our love was protecting us under his shield.
The only noises around  were those of the creaking house and the crickets with the other nocturnal animals that were making of background to our sweet approachment. 

While you slowly, moved me away a lock of hair from my face, you have put yourself delicately on me, and your whispers were saying only my name, and i was look at you placing me better on the bed sheet, already creased.
Sweetly you hands had took me, making arching my back forward, and i have inclined my neck backward, so you have could kissed it as a vampire unfastening my shirt. 

I have closed the eyes for an instant, and in that instant, very delicately, you have started to lift my skirt, and caressing my legs till arrive to soft touching my panties, and a moan has died in my throat. 
When i have opened the eyes again, you was looking at me with a lascivious glance. 

Your fingers were touch softly there, you could feel my contractions that were becoming always more uncontrollables, and i was pull your shirt always more toward me, when all of sudden, you have lifted the skirt till the belly, and you slipped your finger in my panties, and you have looked for that small part of my body that always faster got wet, and you have started to feel my wetness become hotter, and my moans were become the most beautiful sound you was listening to, and my glances were looking at you asking you to move faster what it was penetrated inside me, but looking at me with desire, with all your body, you went down, making slide away my panties, and getting back with all delicatness you have penetrated me, and you have started to move always faster and faster.

Slowly i have unfastened your shirt, and delicately it slided over your shoulders, and your movements, was making touch it my bare chest. It seemed stay in a proctetive soft cloud, while i was toching your body inside that shirt, while our moans were increasing always more to each thrust you was giving me
Only when we had reached the peak of our pleasure, you have took my hands and have put them over my head, making you slide on my body.

We came out from that limbo of sensations, and slowly the cricket and the creaking they filled the room with their sounds again, while we were looking at each other yet, touching us delicately.”


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