“What we had” – *28*

Heard, what we had see from Jizzy, have left everybody astonish, above all Bruno who believed to know each shades of his friend. 
We remained in silence for a long moment, as if we had to collect again all those informations that we had collected in those days, and we were looking at that small creature, as our only resource.

And one of the latest thing Jizzy had said us, looking at above all Jack, has been: “Let’s prepare yourself to host less costumers than before, we have to trasform this pub in a perfect headquater, for the next days.” and hearing this, Jack has looked at us with wide eyes, then he threw a glance toward that tiny creature, and he sighed: “That the Daisy’ revenge begin!” and he lifted up his thin greenish paw closed at fist.

We were really few, but i have belived in those instants to be invincible, but i knew that it was only the exciment of the moment. 
In the deep of everybody, we knew that we had in front, maybe the biggest obstacle that we had to exceed, but with that small creature, we had found a way to normalize the time that the group of ills-intentioned had learn to slow, and we could fight them on equal footing.

Now that we had drafted a plan, the only thing to do was get back home and rest.
With everybody we would have meet the next day, even if, in our deep, with what we had discovered, we everybody, would have sleep few hours: Jack had to organize the Pub, Sanchez would gave him a hand, Bruno with Jizzy get back in city to be ready to get back in that wolf lair pretending nothing, but hear everything they thought important. 
Before to leave, Jack had gave the Pub phone number to Bruno and Jizzy, saying them “For anything else call me if you can!”
We had saluted them in silence.

In our minds were running thousand and thousands of thoughts, and we were thinking to remain to help Jack to settle the new disposition of the pub, but he said: “Now, we have need that you get back in that house absolutely!” 
He said us that, as if it was an order, and it sounded like one of the order that he gave to Sanchez, and Sanchez without not even reply, had to execute immediately. 
We had heard that tone of voice many times, and we knew that he was doing seriously, but we could only imagine why he wanted that we had got back home.

And when Sanchez has accompanied us next to the service door, he said: “Don’t be angry with him! Now that he haven’t to wear that mask his real personality come out, go to rest, and see you tomorrow”. Saluting us, Sanchez gave us a pat on the shoulders, and we have smiled him.

Slowly we directed toward the creaking house, and only remaining alone in that tree boulevard, we were thinking about the Jack’ behaviour, but we were not sorry, on the contrary, we had understood him completely. 
In that house, maybe, there was something that we had missed it, and we were the only to know that house better than anybody else, and that something it would have helped more those little sort of  little heroes.

When arrived in front to the small gate of the creaking house, we stopped, and we have begin to listen to it, and delicately you have tightened my hand, and our glances met, and at end you said: “Maybe Jack have right. It could be hid something more important. We have to continue to search for”.
I looked at you enthusiastic, but i was really tired. I smiled you, and you in those instants you had understood that i had  need to lay on a real bed. And in a sigh you said: “Let’s go to sleep”, and you have took me between your arms, and so we entered. 

Those creaks seemed welcomed us, and going upstairs you have throw a glimpse to the portraits: they seemed careful at each your move. 
I had closed the eyes, leaning my face on your chest covered by the soft white shirt you had on. 
In bedroom, you have leaned me on mattress, looking for don’t wake me up, but i have opened the eyes, looking at you while you was taking off the leather jacket, and when you are laid on the bed, i have pulled you toward me, pulling that soft white shirt, and our glance dived one in another, and we have sighed our names.
Our hearts have started to beat like two jackhammer.”


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