It’s from long

Time that i didn’t have felt so strong your closeness in this way. 
It’s begins slowly for explode around, in this room, where it’s started everything, and i feel your emotions enveloping me delicately. 

I can feel your electric shocks crossing my mind. They making me shake my fingers on this keyboard strong. I have to throw away all the air from the lungs for don’t go crazy. 
If i close the eyes, i can  feel your closeness despite our distance. 
It was long time that i didn’t have feeling it so strong. 
Your hands are enveloping me strong. 
Your arms are caressing me along my body, and i can feel your breathe all around. 

I’m really shaking like a leaf, while i can feel your presence in this bedroom.
Despite we are not know each other (or maybe we do), everything vanish in your wonderful eyes, and slowly Our Parallel World is welcoming us, while you are tightening me more to you and you start to move my hips in our slow dance. 

All around is silence, and all we can hear are our breath that are merging one with another.
It’s the only melody that i want to hear in these instants. 
I looking at straight into your wonderful eyes, and your sweet smile is making me beat stronger my heart. 
The soft punch in the stomach is growing fast, our heads are about to explode at same time. 
We are loving each other so delicately, that we can even go crazy. 

It’s all in the air, and we can feel it.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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