“For Bruno” – *25*

Those hours were the longest of his life.Now he was looking at everybody with more suspicious and when he was meeting the glance of his small friend, the only desire was taking him and escape from that police department, for return no longer, but  he had to end his turn to get back in that apartment that was everything he had.

He had to across all the long aisle to get back at his desk, and he feeling himself observed by the others, while he was looking the flashing shield of his friend running from to a desk to another one, and when he got back to his, he threw himself on the sturdy chair, and before to start to tap on the typewriter, he has wrote something on a small piece of paper, like a reminder, then he took a look to what he had as soon with his childish calligraphy, and he hid it, waiting for his friend, who starting again the round of all the desks.

Despite his desk was in front of the wall of the office of the BOSS, and he couldn’t see nobody, his sensation was  to have all the eyes pointed on him, and this was scaring him much.
That day, was like others in the office: stay in front of the typewriter and copy all those report that he had on the desk, for then give them to his small friend, for the archivement, and when he had ended his first report, he lifted his big arms with the file, his friend reached him to his desk.
In the middle of  those files he had put his handnote, and when the small creature has taken, has understood immediately that there was something for him. 
The two has shared a quick glance, then the shield illuminated behind the back has started to turn on and turn off again, and he left Bruno who was looking at him wide eyes open. 

The small creature had collected many report, and in the archivement would had to spend a bit of time, but he had saw Bruno so strange who had preferred to read what he ha wrote in that piece of paper than to reorder all those files, and he knew that in that archivement entering only him. 
So he took all the time he had need, and checking the door, he opened that piece of paper. 

“Jizzy,  we are in the shit. I will explain you better tonight, The BOSS and someone else, are involved in what which is happening in city, i think Patrick is even him involved too, I have known the two «humans» who were came here few days ago, they are friends of Jack, they have found something hallucinating.
Don’t pass for your home, come directly to me. Keep well open eyes”.

Jizzy, after read the note, has  turn on the paper shredder, and he has destroyed that sheet of paper, looking at himself  behind the shoulders, while a big creature was passing beyond that door: threw away the air from his little body, after  he had heard the water was running from one of the sink of the bathroom next to the archivement.
To be safer he has mixed more that garbage bag, to confuse the Bruno hand note with the old documents, and he has taken it for bring it away when he would ended his turn.
Closing the bag, he sighed: “I felt it that those two wolves had something to hide, damn!”, and so he came out, not before reorder the new reports. 

As soon Jizzy has opened the door of the archivement, Bruno has turned his face and their glances met. 
Bruno had immediately understood that his friend had read his note, and without make himself see, he had beckoned.
Jizzy was more careful than before, and now he was looking at everybody with more attention, and he didn’t smile no longer to the jokes that others was making to him.

Now, even for the small creature, that day was became the longest to pass in that department.
He collected others two or three blocks of reports, and he came in the archivement, passing in front of the BOSS office  making attention if he could hear something inside of it. 
He didn’t heard nothing of suspicious, just the police radio, that the BOSS was keeping turn on daily.

When slowly the evening, was making her appearence, even in that big office were entering the policemen of the night turn, and Bruno was making himself space, between those creatures who were pretending didn’t seeing him, despite his big size. He was even, searching for Jizzy.

He came out from that building, almost running. If he was remained inside, still for another minute, he would choked. 
He didn’t have seen his small friend, but he didn’t worry about it. He knew that he would went to him, and with a slow walk, Bruno directed toward  home.”



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