“We fallen asleep”- *24*

Kissing each other sweetly, with one thought in mind, while the crickets craddling us throught the air vent.
While from far we could hear still the noises that were come from the Pub, and some chatting between Jack and Sanchez. 
That night has been eventful. 

Even in the Pub, it was discussing about how Bruno would have convinced his small friend. 
Ended to settle everything, those creatures, were sat on stools one in front one another to the counter, and  they have chatted as long the first light of the morning.

In meanwhile that the natures was welcoming the new day, in a bare apartment, a massive creature was, already wake sat on his creamish couch, studying some sheets of papers, questioning himself how he would have faced up to his patners at the department.

He got up on his big feet, and threw those sheet of papers on the little table in front of him, and slowly he gave himself the reply: “As the other days, foolish! Nobody inside there, has gave you importance. Let’s go to work!”, and with a slow walk, he went to bathroom to freshen himself.
He came out from the building where was his apartment turning on his walky-talky and he started his slow walk, saluting each inhabitants, while on his mind were running milion of thoughts. 

Arrived to the sidewalk that each morning he had to cross for reach the police department, he stopped for a long instant. That white long building was at end, and the entrance was illuminated by a beam of light that was reflecting itself on the big glass door, and it blinding whoever was pass in front, and that illuminating even the POLICE banner above the entrance. 

Bruno made himself courage, and throwing away the air that he had in his great body, he sighed:  “Fuck police!”, while he was about to make those few stairs to enter in. 
As each day, he passed his magnet card on an electric tool from where it was come out a synthesized voice, has welcomed him with his badge number, he opened a small gate, and for the very first time, he seen that enormous open office with different eyes, and he has looked for immediately his small friend. 
With a slow walk he directed toward his desk in front of the wall, where behind of it there was the office of the BOSS.

His desk was even that one next one of the many windows of that office, and that morning were open, and all the noises from the street were entering in, and between the outside and the chatting of the others who were tapping, endless, on the typewriter, there was no a moment for reorganize the thoughts.
The only one was to find his small friend, who knew was there, because  he had heard others warn him to be careful, but as his habit, he had always a right reply, and this time, between the office chaos, he heard: “No! Have to be careful, you have to be you, shit! I have also this shit of  illuminated thing on back!”, and this time, his small friend seemed really angry, and immediately what he had said, the whole office has stopped itself.
It seemed even the city, below those windows has stopped, and that office, only after few minutes, has taken again to be fully operative. 

Bruno from his desk, haven’t could see his friend, therefore he got up, and he went in the only aisle of the office, and he saw his friend who was settling better his illuminated shield, murmuring something, looking at the creature who has clashed him, making him fall backward. 

That only aisle was the long passage in that big office, and Bruno was the bigger creature inside of it, and he was  obstaculing the passage, but he wanted stay next to his friend, and he has took that moment for don’t suspicious anybody.
“Let’s get out” he said to his small friend, and he took the illuminated shield, and with the small creature, he came out, and they placed in another hall. “I need to say you something important” he said at end. His small friend knew when he had need of  hand, and this time was one of those. 

Looking for to settling the illumunated shield on the back of the small creature, he looked at himself around and he said: “It’s something that regarding this place, i can’t add nothing else. It’s too dangerous”. Bruno had adjusted the shield on the back of that small creature, and getting up on his feet, he tested the shield, and he sighed: “I waiting for you at my home this evening!” 
Checking all the electrical contacts, his small friend looked at him astonished, but he nodded, and he got back in the office.

Bruno has waited for a moment more in that hall, looking at him run agin among the desks. 
He threw away all the air from the lungs, then he got back in that big office with all the eyes placed on him.”



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