In a hour

It develope our magical connection, and i feeling your arms around my belly, and your words makes me dive in Our Parallel World, and everything it slowly vanish, while our apartment surround us. 

Our heads are about to explode, while our hearts are beating at unison.

We are going througt the same path, but to the opposite sides, and slowly we reaching the half.
What we are feeling is something inexplicable, but it’s what we are feeling.

I’m feeling your hands on my hips, and you are pulling me to you more whispering my name, and delicately you lift my face toward your and our eyes meet. 
You shyly smile, and i blush, and i’m starting to shake.
Our soft punch in stomach is growing fast, and the only thing we can do is throw away the air from the lungs.
But you are tightening me more to you, and out heads are touching, and delicately your lips leans on mine, caressing them more times, transforming those caresses in soft kisses.

I’m feel all this despite our real distance.
I look at you, and my heart explode with your.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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