“Those latest” – *23*

Things, that we had to do, we had done just in those few hours  in the Jack’s Pub, and now we had to, for real, wait for Bruno who got back with his small friend. 
We had, still in mind what we had discovered, making the comparison of the calligraphy, between those pages written by hand, and we everybody were in shock.

We eating in silence all the good dinner that Sanchez had prepared, and just one thought was running in our minds. You ended to swallow the last morsel, and you have wanted ask it to the owner of the Pub. 
I threw away the air from the lungs, feeling your hands tightening my belly, and even me, have place the cutlery on the table.
We both have smiled to Jack, who had  perceived something, and made Sanchez stop to eat, and both, now, had all our attention, and so you had the possibility to start to speak.

“We know that we could sleep in a comfy bed, in that house at the end of that solitary boulevard,  but we know even that the time is really important…”. Jack was rolling his almond eyes, and he, already, knew where we wanted go to end, and he stopped you: he had immediately understand, and throwing a glance to Sanchez, he said: “Fortunately, i don’t sleep much. Sanchez accompany them behind the back shop”. And you have thanked him.

Jack with his glance seemed always serious, but this time all his roughness vanished. He knew perfectly our desire to don’t waste any seconds, and under his scaly skin, now, we could see a weak sign of grateful, for what we were doing. 
Leaving him alone in that salon, i placed in front of him, and i took his greenish thin paws, and in the softest sigh, i thanked him, and i kissed him on his elongated  face, while Sanchez and you, was waiting for me.

I left Jack who was looking at himself around in that empty local, and when we entered in the kitchen, we have heard him he was taking all the dishes away from the other tables and we have looked at Sanchez, who have assured us that he was always the last to lock the Pub. 
He had settled that back shop, in case of neccessity, and this case that room would be used for the very first time, and Sanchez have underlined it saying: “And for the very first time someone will use it” beckoning to us, using a never used key for open it. 
It wasn’t like the pink bedroom of the creaky house, but it had everything need for whoever slept in there.
And when he was about saluted us, i asked Sanchez: “And where does he sleep?”, Sanchez looked at us with wide eyes, and he smiled: “When i enter in the Pub, he is already active from hours. The few time i seen him sleep, i saw him sleep on a chair. he never haven’t used this room”, and he showed us the shiny key, among the rusty ones. 
And now it was real time to say him: “See you tomorrow!” and with a great smile Sanchez gave you the key, and he closed the door behind himself.

Slowly, we have sat on the only bed in that small room, and we have stared the wall in front of us, where in the  angle it was open a small door where we have could see a small bathroom.
That yellowish room had an unique light on the roof, a small armchair and the bed laid on the wall and a tiny squared wooden  furniture where you could put on, one or two small things.

We have threw away the air from the lungs, looking at each other. We smiled, and only when we have listened to the crickets we have realized that there was an air vent just above the door, and when we have listened to once again the garbage track passing,  you got up and took off the leather jacket, for remain in shirt, and pants, then you have took my hand, and delicately you have laid me on the matress, turning off the light, you have laid next to me, making yourself a bit space, embracing me tight between your arms.
And crossing our fingers each other, we have feel our breathes were merge one with another, then you said: “Let’s try to sleep, tomorrow it wait for us a hard day”. I kissed your chest,  and softly you have sighed my name.

Slowly our breathes were increase, but just for a short instant, while i touched your tigh
I wanted to escape from all this for a minute, and you have indulged me.”


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