In these days

Our closeness is surrounding us stronger than ever. 

Our soft punch in the stomach is bonding our souls in the sweetest way.
I close the eyes, from a moment, then i reopen them and you are in front of me, and your hands are tightening my hips. 
Delicately you say me: “I missed you”, and i feel your hands caressing my face, and sweetly you pulling me more toward you. 
I look at down, while our fingers are crossing each other, and at the same time we throwing the air from the lungs.
We have no need to speak, it’s enough to look at each other, and our gaze are speak for us.
I touch your chest, sliding my hand into your shirt, and in a whisper you say my name. 
I lift my eyes, and that glances everything is transforming in Our Parallel World. 

For an instant we remain breathless. Delicately our heads is touching, and our breath become the oxygen for who we have in front. 
Slowly, you take my hands, and you place them along my body, and sweetly your fingers acrossing mine, and our slow dance starts, and our hearts begin to beat at unison.
Without say nothing, we are saying everything. 
I’m looking at you, and you are smiling, and everything what we are feeling is exploding around us.

I’m throwing away all the air from the lungs, and slowly all this small magic is accomplishing  inside our souls. 

I feel your hands tightening me more to you. And our heads are explode at the same time.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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