I feeling your closeness closer than ever. 
I felt two big soft punch in the stomach, and now  i’m breathing with difficulties, i have to hold back the breathe to take to breathe again.

You are  here around, tightening my belly, whispering some words. I feeling them inside me, and i shaking. I should stop to think about you, but it’s impossible. My heart is beating strong like a jackhammer, and my head feels something that is about to explode. 
I know it’s Our Parallel World.
I’m breathless. 
In these instants your closeness is tangible, and i feel your hands are tightening me stronger. 
And i can feel your chest against my back.
Slowly you turn me around, and our eyes meet. 
You are sweetly smiling, and my heart is expanding welcoming your soul inside me, and everything around vanish. 

I looking at you, blushing. I take your hand placing it on my chest. 
Softly i asking: “Do you feel it?” You smile only, while you are approach to me, and delicately, you lean your lips on mine caressing them, and in a sudden we vanish, while our heart exploding at the same instants.


Listen to it⇓⇓

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