“Now” – *22*

That Bruno had left the Pub, a sense of  forsaken had pervaded us. For a while we have shared a glance full of of an only question that was rebouncing in head in head, and only Sanchez had the courage to made it resound in that solitary local.
“And now?”, and now we had to to wait he got back with his small friend.
We had studied all the handnotes, taken other information, and now our duty was really over.

That day has passed really fast, and the night had taken wildly, the place in the sky, obscuring everything, and around the big place in front of the Pub, it could hear only the crickets sound was mixing with the sound of the far city. Only a garbage truck was passing along the tree boulevard to empty the big green garbage bin below the oak tree, then  that sea of crickets have restart to fill that silence around.
And inside the Pub, only a small light next the to the counter, was illuminating the whole local, while we sat at our table, were observing the whole enviroment in silence. 

In our deep, we hoped that Bruno got back within in a short time, but in reality, we knew that, we would have seen Bruno just the next morning. 
In instants each one was staring the sheet of paper that had in front, but something different was running through our minds, and then the glance of everybody has looked at Sanchez, who with a questioning face was about asking what was happening, but soon after, he has understood that those two human beings, had hungry, and those small snacks on  that table weren’t enough to stop their hunger. 

Delicately we had explained him that we hadn’t touched his basket, and with with a bit shame, i explained him even the reason. And entering in the kitchen with him, Sanchez he looked at me, and sweetly, he carresed my face said: “Non te preocupe, i wouldn’t have eat it even me”. And for repay him, i wanted help him to prepare something, and he have passed me an enormous apron, and together we put in front to the stoves.

While, in the salon, Jack and you was still studied the many sheet of  papers that you had divided by importance.
Some of them  were reporting the oldest dates, and instead other ones the newest, an from what you and Jack had understand, the son of the creatures of the creaking house, had taken those files to study them, for make see to whoever was the leader, that he was able to organize a plan worthly than the others one.

Slowly you have put your sheet of paper down on the table, and your glance has met that one of Jack,  and with wide eyes open, you have comparised one of the many sheet of  papers with that one in which there were the Daisy name… and you have immediately noticed that the calligraphy was different than the others, amd without speak, you have passed the two sheet of papers to Jack, throwing away the air from the lungs, sighing: “I’m very sorry!”
After only few seconds Jack has linked everything, and after a second that seemed had no end, he said: ” It was initiation! Damn!”, and at end there was a discouragement for both.
For Jack,  to know that the death of the little Daisy was only a proof  to enter in that gang, and for you that her death was caused by the son of those two creatures to which we both, in someway, we were getting fond.
And one by one, the small pieces of that big puzzle went into their right places, the whole situation was became clearest.

Eventually, me and Sanchez came out laughing from the kitchen with a big tray, but immediately we were welcoming from a cold atmosphere, and you and Jack seemed frozen in that position in which we had left us: with two sheet of papers in hand. 
You seemed paralyzed,  and in someway, you were. 
We approached to the table, sighing your names, and then you have looked at me, i asked: “What’s happened!?”

Slowly, you have started to expose us everything, and only at end, you made us see the Daisy’ sheet of paper with the other ones. 
“Do you notice something different?” you asked me delicately, looking at Jack stealthly. 
I have noticed it immediately, and i looked at you wide eyes open. I was breathless, and i passed the two sheet of papers, without say nothing to Sanchez, who after seen them, made himself fall on the chair, incredulous.

Looking at Jack, Jack himself has stared us, and slowly has talked: “Don’t worry about me, the time to mourn Daisy is over, now that we know these things, it’s time to revenge her, and they doesn’t know who has in front. We have to tearing apart them!”, and he seemed conviced more than ever, and without add else, you have take a glimpse to the dishes that we had brought, and shyly you have take off a spot of grease that i had on face, while you wanted to put me on your legs, you have asked me what Sanchez had tought me. I smiled you.”


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