“We had to act” – *21*

As soon as possible. If we had would left it run, we would be fallen in a vortex bigger than us. 
And we have looked Bruno to which we were entrusting part of the next hours. 
At that only one table of the pub, that glance we have shared with everybody, was seriourest. 

The only buzz we could hear was that one, that was came of out from the kitchen, and it seemed choking us.
Bruno has taken again his small blocnote, that had reduced a swag of paper and he has unrolled maybe the only sheet of paper more important than every notes he had taken, and he has smooth it again on the table, looking at everybody, as if, he was the leader of that small operation.

Before to talk, he gave again a glimpse to the small sheet of paper, but he had all well printed in his mind: he threw away the air from the lungs, and he started to say: “We have only two days to organize a counterattack, or at least to try to make him jumping what he has in mind. It will be not easy, but i can involve the only  else creature of which i trust blindly and you have knew him the first time you came in the department”, and without that he added else, i had understoond to whom he was talking about, and i nodded, and at end even you have remembered him: that small creature that was running quickly between the desks of that big open office, with a sort illuminated shield placed on his back, and  who was the only to reply to the BOSS with the same rough tone of voice.

Bruno ended: “He is the smallest creature in the office, but he has two big pair of balls, and from the very first day he been recruited, he has show everybody which kind he was. I’m sure he doesn’t know in what the BOSS is involved, but i’m sure, no, i know that if he knew what i have discovered, he would be happy to be part of this group. Since the very first day of his recruitment, he didn’t ever liked the BOSS’ behaviour, and he’s been the only one to helped me to get use to that wild enviroment.” 

It seemed  that he had to convice us more and he was about to continue, but for everybody it was enough what he had said,  and was me to say: “So, there is no time to waste,  it’s time that you go, and bring him here as soon as possible”. Jack got up on his feet and he went to open the main entrance, checking outside, looking at the black and yellow stripes of that “police”. with a dry hit, he snatched them, and he sighed something that nobody inside had perceived it, but when he got back inside his glance seemed more relaxed, and he threw away all that stripes  in the garbage bin, as soon behind the overhead door.

He got back at our table, and he threw himself on that wooden chair, and he looked at for few seconds Sanchez who without say nothing, had beckoned a firm “NO!”, with his big head. In that gesture Sanchez, had forbidden to Jack to reopen the Pub. 
We knew they weren’t our business, and only few seconds he gave himself up, and after he got back to look at all those sheet of  papers in front of him.
Silently, even us, we have started to study those handnotes, and little by little, we were entering in a complicated scheme of that thin organisation leeded by a crazy one, who for a private enjoy,  was trying some powerful magical potions, and slowly we were linking that only magic potion that we had found in that Grimoire to all the events that were happened in that city.

We were putting down others notes, so quickly that, as soon we had ended all the sheets of papers at dispositions, Sanchez, without asked him nothing, went in the kitchen and he got back with all the brownish sheets with which bread was wrapping. For a second, he looked at everybody then he shrugged. 

We smiled him, then we have continued to study and write on those brown sheet of papers.”


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