Always stronger

I’m throwing away the air from the lungs, and that mirror always in front of us. 
We are looking at each other astonished, speechless.

We are don’t understand nothing of what which is happening in these hours.
Something bigger than universe itself, is tightening us always more, despite our distance.
The soft punch in the stomach is growing faster, and i feeling your whispers inside me. 
Our connection is become stronger than before.
And that mirror is the umpeenth proof that we are destined to be together. 

In a fast way i’m approaching to you, and slowly we are exceeding that borderline.
We are stretching our hands one toward another, and delicately we are touching.
Your hands are tightening stronger my hips, and i place my hands on your chest, sliding them inside your shirt, while you are looking at me silently.

Our hearts are beating strong, while our glances meeting, and you whispering my name.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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