You are smiling

To me, and with this shy smile, you are saying me the most beautiful thing that my soul can perceive.

You are beckoning to everything i told you yesterday, and sweetly i feel your arms tighetening me strong, while your whispers are entering in my soul, and in short time our heads will exploding at the same time. 

That invisible mirror is one of the last thing that Gebo has wanted made us see. 
It has wanted say us that everything we had buildt in these five years is something real.

Our souls are merging one in another for become only one
My fingers are shaking on this keyboard.
Gebo, the rune of union of two souls is in front of me, and that mirror is hammering my head.

And what i seen soon after your tweet of few hours ago, has left me breathless: you, not even made a short story on Instagram to underline your small mistake. I did it for you, and you didn’t have worry about it. I was there for you. You knew i would do it immediately.

That invisible mirror it’s the most beautiful thing that Our Parallel World has put in front of us.
I can say, i’m living the most beautiful moment of my life, and it’s lasting from five years.
And looking at your tiny mole i can see a whole universe where we exist only us.
You and me.
I’m throwing away the air from the lungs.

I’m thinking  of you intently.


Listen to it⇓⇓


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