“We entered” – *20*

In the local with all the costumers eyes pointed on us, but immediately after, they have continued to see what they had in the dish, the only eyes glances that have continued to pointed us were those of Jack and Bruno, sat at our table.
As good policeman, Bruno have noticed soon what we were bringing, and slowly has beckoned, as if even him, had found something important. 

Jack has made us settled at the table, and then he sat next to you: i was next to Bruno who was looking at with much curiosity all those files that you had placed on the table.
In the middle of the buzz of the pub, at that table fallen a silence that thrilled everybody. 
The only who couldn’t attend to all this was Sanchez behind the counter, but with a simple glance at Jack, has made him understand that he had to hear with his own ears everything, and even us wanted. 
We everybody, have threw a glance to the owner, and he in few seconds, he had asked to the others to leave the pub, without making a fuss, leaving understand that what we were about to discuss was something real important, and that dinner was free for everyone.

Many have left the Pub throwing a bad glance toward our table, someone else murmuring : “What’s happening” looking at Jack who thanked them only, locking himself inside, assuring himself that everybody had left  even the big space infront of the entrance. He would wanted turn off even the sign of the Pub, but he couldn’t do, but he esposed a signboard with the written WE’RE CLOSED FOR MAINTEINCE: a signboard that he had buy but he hadn’t never used. 
Sanchez when seen that was taking it for the very first time from his plastic envelope, has wide eyes open, but then he shyly smiled everybody, and in a sigh said: “In this way nobody can’t disturb us”. 
But before to sit once again, he closed all the shutters of that big glass window that covered half  of the Pub.
When he got back at our table, with a glance that was speaking for him, and we have beckoned him.

Now, for real, we were only us and just the interested creatures.
At my right, Bruno, was staring intently all the sheets of papers, moving nervously one of his legs, tighening in both his paws the small blocnote, looking ocassionally what he had wrote. From his walky-talky were coming out some buzzes that was annoying himself, and without effort, he turned it off, and that moment of embarrassement has gone away, when Sanchez broke that silence that was lasting a bit, indicating that envelope that you had in front.
“What’s that?”
You haven’t spoken, but you have turned your glance toward to who you had next to you, and everybody have looked at me.
I threw away all the air from the lungs, and slowly i have began to tell them everything what we had discovered in the library: all those magical books and from the top of those sheets of papers, i have unroll the sheet of papers that i had snatched, from that Grimoire, and i passed it to everybody, who hadn’t understand what were looking at, and immediately you have explained them the whole story of the blue room, and how to i was able to see that terrible scene in my mind, and of how, we had a whole vision of the situation. 

But now, all our glances were turning toward that big mass with the uniform of the police, who was massacring that tiny blocnote, and was trying to start a speech with a logical thread. 
His blackish eyes were wide open, and they didn’t looking at who was waiting for that he begin to talk. 
When he started to speak, it seemed he had learn by heart all the notes he had taken, and at end that blocnote has become only wastepaper.
And when he looked at us, he said one thing that has left everybody astonished, but that was completing the general view that we were having.

“When i ended my turn, i didn’t come back home, but i waited for him, inside the police department, and i hadn’t any problems to listen to what he was say throught the police radio in his locked office, and unfortunately i have recognized with whom with he was talking… another police man… they was planning another roundup”, and saying roundup, Bruno had underlined it with  his big fingers of both paws, and without asking the permission has taken one of the many  sheets of papers, and he gave it a glimpse, as if, he could find something that  we hadn’t notice. He did! And only after threw away the air from his big lungs, he said: “It’s the same code the the BOSS has used: acronysm, numbers and the target” and only when he have seen the target printed on that sheet of paper, almost we could feel his punch in the stomach, looking at stealthly Jack.
Jack collected that sheet of paper, and when he has ended to read it, all his repressed anger has came out. 
Hitting the table, he got up, and he got back behind the counter, starting to clean all the dishes in the sink with sistematic hurry. 

“He will get calm soon” Sanchez said, taking a glimpse on the sheet of paper, guessing what name was on.”


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