“That night” – *19*

Our sleeps hasn’t been calm, as we  had imagined.

Despite our breathes were craddling us, all those images that we had seen were running fast in our mind few hours ago, and that sentence screamed in that silence house, has made us jolted at unison waking ourselves all in a sudden, while the creaks of that house it has reminded us where we were.

The first lights of the day entering through that window, the first sounds was filling that silent boulevard. 
We remained for  bit to listen to the far noises of the city, and the crickets sound was making place to the barking of that dog to which we were get used ourselves to it each morning.
We wanted forget what we had seen and hear through my mind, but it was impossible, and all this it has made us think to Bruno and to what he had found in the police department, in meanwhile.

I knew, that we had to get back in that blue room to collect all those sheets of papers, but as you had well imagined, enter back in it would have make me revolution again all my guts. 
I stopped in front of that room, but i didn’t enter. You did, and checking each small corner of that room, collecting all those hand notes on the floor and on the small white desk, you came out closing the door. 
You have threw a glance toward me, and you have only beckoned.
You had collected all those hand-notes and several blocnotes that you have thought were important, and we went downstairs. Passing next to the two portraits, the male creature face seemed more relaxed.  
They weren’t hallucinations, those we were looking at! Those creatures in the portrait, were talking us, in their own way! And now, their glances seemed got back  to the original  gaze: they had found someone who would bring ahead their mission.
We smiled them, and seemed softly they smiled us back.

We remained a bit astonished, and then we got back in the library to see if  in some Grimoire, we had found again something that we thought not important, but now, with what we had acquired, it would could give us some further informations.  
Just one formulas had catched my attention, and sighing “Forgive me” toward the owner of that Grimoire, i have snatched the page, and i folded it, and i gave it to you, who have placed it above all of those sheets of papers. 

I have noticed the Sanchez basket next to desk: we looked at each other. We felt ourselves in guilt for don’t have eat all those delicious things that he had prepared. 
We didn’t know what to do, but now there was no time for feel us guilt, and without thinking much we took it to brought it back. Even if we had time to eat it, half of it, it would have went in the WC with all my disgust for what we had  discovered: maybe it has been a well that we hadn’t eat it, and with this thought, we have left the creaking house.

By now, that walk we were made everyday, for reach Jack’s Pub, it was even a way to free our minds, and to reorder all the informations we had collected in the previous hours, and that morning, what we had collected was of a immense weight, and for sure we didn’t know how to expose all that in few words. 

Our walk became slower than we have thought. Occasionally we stopped and our thoughts went to those two portraits, and that sentence was resounding in our heads from far, and still we could feel the real interior struggle of the male creature, while he was look at his son leaving the door sending them to the hell.
At a certain point, i stopped, and i have tightened stronger your hand, and delicately i placed in front of you, looking at straight into your eyes, and i said: “We have to do all this for the little Daisy, for the Sanchez’sister, but now even for them”. By now, was under intense, but i had need to underlined it: you had understand it, and you have sighed: “Above all for them”, and you knew, i would have catched your fineness. I held back the breathe, for then throw it away. 

When we saw the Jack’ Pub building, we both we have sighed: “Here we are”, and for the very first time, we would have look at everybody, even the most solitary costumer, with a different gaze. A glance of  awaraness that all this, had a deepest fundamental than to spread a casual dread. 

When have knocked twice to the service’ door, we had to wait just a couple of minutes,  and when the door was opened, has came ouf a big cloud of warm steam, and we have glimpsed the reddish yellowish face of Sanchez, who has smiled, making us enter.”



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