My head is turning

And my thought come back to yesterday, and what i have seen in  these hours, it’s something magical.
Slowly i feel your arms surrounding my belly, and your thoughts are toward me. Our soft punch in the stomach is growing fast, and that thin rope is tightening us stronger.

What i saw has closed my throat, and our slow connection is around us.
It’s useless, don’t notice it.
Your arms are tightening me more, and our hearts are beating at unison. 

What is born five years ago, it’s something real magic, and these signs are the real facts that between us there is something bigger. 
I’m shaking my head and everything is materializing in something astonishing.
Everything is turning around that night when everything has began, and slowly is accomplishing with all the time that this magic wants for accomplish it.

We arrived at this point, where we are in front to an invisible mirror, and we see each other, and we think the same things at the same instant, making the same movements.
And here it is 19and19:  Our connection is around. 
We throw away all the air from the lungs. 

Everything is incredible. 
I think to you, and i know you are do the same.
Our connection is strong in these instants. 


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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