“What we had” – *18*

Discovered it had shocked us, and without goes ahead, we had  found the reason of that mess in that blue bedroom, and the reason of those books on the desk in the library, and we made us an idea of how it has went.

Without thinking about it much, i looked at you, and said: “Take me away from this bedroom”. I didn’t wanted think that in that bedroom someone was planning to kill the little Daisy, only to unleash another terror  between the inhabitants, and that one member of the ills-intetioned was the son of the owners of that creaking house.
Little by little everything was taking form, and it was a situation more complicated than we could imagined.

Leaving that bedroom of evil, i made fall on the ground each sheet of papers that i had collected. My desire was to burn them, but in my deep, i knew  that what we had disccovered in that room, maybe, it was the most important thing that all neighborhood could imagine.
In those sheets of papers, we had found dates and names that, in someways, it have would conduct us to the eventual end of all this.
Now everything was turning in one only way, and those smiles of the creatures in the portraits, had revealed all their painful story. 

We held the breath, when we have left the room to go in that one that we had learn be that one of  female creature of those portrait. My guts didn’t want give me peace, and i was still pale.
Even for make few steps, you had taken me among your arms, and when we entered, even only in the other room, it has made me feel good. 
Delicately, you have leaned me on the big bed, and when  i asked you: “Where you go?” you have replied: “I don’t go away, i want open the window, a bit of fresh air it will make you feel sooner better”.
And when you have moved away the pink pastel curtain, and have opened the window, a sweet breeze entered, merging your perfume with that one of outside.

Already, i was feeling a bit better, but those images printed in my mind didn’t wanted go away, and like if, i was watching a monster’s movie, pieces of life of the old owners of the house have crossed my mind. 
You was still in front of the window,  listening to the sounds from far of the city, and some police cars were running with the sirens on.
I called you, softly, and you turned around and sweetly you have looked at me. 
Assured i was ok, you leaned next to me, and with a gentle smile, i said: “I want make you see something…”
You knew that i hadn’t take nothing from the blue room, and with a questioning face, you have stared me astonished. I  have taken only your hands, and when after a second, with our eyes straight into one in another, i softly said: “Let’s close the eyes and let’s take a big breathe”, you have followed my advices.

I really didn’t know, if it would have worked, but as soon, those images have filled my mind once again, your hands have tightened stronger mine, and from your mouth has came out a sigh, and as reply my breathe has increased. 
After that all those images were vanished, slowly we have open the eyes, and we remained speechless for a couple of minutes. 
What we had seen it was big fight between those creature and his son, and the exact moment which he left the house, leaving the blue room as we have found it, and when the male has decided to take off from that house everything that it could remember him. 
He had promised to his wife to left the blue room, as the son had left, but he had locked it. 
His words had resounded in our ears as if, he still was in that creaking house.
“I don’t want have anything about with him!” and with this sentence he had started take off every picture of of his son from the house, but  when we have opened the eyes, we knew the real truth, and it was one of the painful choose he has taken.

His son had choose the most dangerous way to go through, and behind that exclamation there was a disperation of  a creature who would have make everything to make change mind his son, but what we have seen in that library, it has been failed attempt. 
All those magical books, they haven’t found a way to get him back.
We didn’t  know where they were went: we hadn’t think they were dead. But now, we were sure be on the right way to end this matter. 
With those sheet of papers in our possession we could map the movements of that gang.

Slowly we got relax ourselves. Shyly we smiled each other, and tired we fallen asleep, listening to the beat of our hearts. 
We didn’t have eat that evening.”


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