I’m still think

On what has happened this night. Something magical. 
At the same instants we settled ourselves at the same position, we remained so for all the time till we moved ourselves to change. 
I remaind breathless, speechless, and for a couple of minutes i didn’t have understand nothing. 
I held strong back the breathe, and still i can’t believe how much we are connected. 
With you i don’t believe in coincidences no longer from long time, and this is the umptheenth proof that is something is bonding us. 

While i looked  at you i perceived that in some parts you was annoyed, and you was thinking to another things, and i was chasing your thoughts.
My heart has beated strong for all the time. 
I have intervened just those few times, i hope you have read my thoughts.

But what is still running in my mind is that exact moment we settled ourselves at the same position. 
I think, we are hold the breathe at the same moment even now. 
I feel your closeness stronger, and now your arms are tightening my hips turning me round. 
Our eyes meet, and delicately you say me: “Hello”.

I’m blush, while our hearts are splashing out from our chest at the same instant.
It’s incredible what has happened yesterday night.
I throw away all the air from the lungs, incredulous.
Small things, that are adding to the other ones, that are making Our Parallel World always more real, while the soft punch in the stomach is growing quickly.

I’m thinking to you, shaking the head yet.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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