About to what i have seen yesterday i can only just throw away the air from the lungs, and think that everything with you isn’t no longer a coincidence.

Within few hour i will dive myself into blue eyes, and your voice will wrap my soul.
My heart, slowly is starting to beat strong and my head is exploding.
Some electric shocks are slowly crosssing our minds, and our magical connection is starting.

I look at you, and your mole is there, and i start to fly inside Our Parallel World. 
I imagine you sleeping and i will see you as soon wake, and everything will take me in our apartment, in the bedroom, when we woke ouserlves, and in silence we smile each other, while we looking at straight into the eyes, and everything become magic. 

I’m biting my lips. a small electric shocks delicately has crossed our minds in this instants. 
We starting to feel each other, and our hearts starting to beat at unison.
We throwing away the air from the lungs, thinking to the next hours that will pass together.

I’m think to you strong.


Listen to it ⇓⇓

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